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   Chapter 3867 Direct Exile

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Generally speaking, the self-healing ability of the space in the Source World was quite strong.

The space usually repaired itself quite quickly after it was damaged. To put it simply, the space cracks created by even the mighty warriors of the Other Shore Realm only lasted for a moment before they disappeared without a trace.

However, Othniel's impact on the space was too much. The dilapidated space was exposed and formed strange scenes.

"You're just a coward who is good at hiding!" He tried several times, but he failed to touch the man in black every time. Now he felt a little anxious.

A powerful being like Othniel knew almost everything. There were few secrets that they couldn't understand. Thus, he naturally felt uneasy when he faced an unsolvable problem.


At that moment, another ray of cyan light bloomed on his forehead.

This time, he didn't dodge. His eyes glowed blue, and the space in his head had changed. As soon as the cyan light entered his head, it refracted ninety degrees and ran through towards the other side.


The cyan light flew towards the direction where Fuxi and the Snake Goddess located. Although the Snake Goddess dodged very fast, blood flowed out from her strong, graceful leg.

Still, she remained nonchalant, and she didn't even frown. The injury was nothing to her.

On the contrary, Fuxi's eyebrows furrowed tightly.

In turn, the Snake Goddess personally reassured Fuxi and told him to not get agitated, but to be patient.

But it was not Fuxi's style to hold back his emotions.

"Now that this man in black is here, let's take this chance to kill Othniel together!" Fuxi told the Snake Goddess through telepathy. The Snake Goddess slightly shook her head.

"Even if we managed to kill Othniel by working together, how would we deal with the man in black from the Nihility race?" she asked.

Fuxi's eyes only darkened at her question, which was rather rare for him.

He seldom felt discouraged, because except for the Three Purities Stage, there was no opponent he was afraid of on the Other Shore or in the Source World.

But the man in black was stronger than anyone he had met before. Fuxi didn't think he had any chance to win against him.

"There will be a chance," said the Snake Goddess in a gentle voice with a smile in her wi

erous situation. The sword radiance came and pierced through them from time to time, and they almost couldn't dodge it.

Only Yellow Thearch remained unharmed because he placed Zen above his head as a natural shield.


Like the man in black had said, Othniel couldn't be careful all the time.

Although he could refract ninety-nine point nine percent of the cyan sword radiance away, there would always be a little cyan sword light left as time went by.

Finally, one ray of cyan sword radiance dodged Othniel's refraction and punctured his shoulder.

"The second sword strike." The voice of the man in black came again.

Othniel's face darkened.

The man in black had just said that he could kill him with three sword strikes.

Based on the cyan light's lethality, not even thirty or three hundred strikes could cause any substantial damage to him, let alone only three strikes.

Yet, according to the man in black, there might be some other consequences if the cyan light hit him thrice. Or was it just a threat?

The Three Purities Stage was a magical place with all kinds of strange abilities.

At first, Othniel wanted to deal with the man in black slowly while he tried to come up with a solution—but after he felt that things had gotten much worse, he suddenly looked ferocious.

His eyes suddenly turned into two weird blue energy entities and abruptly exploded. At the same time, a large block appeared covering dozens of miles around the man in black.

Then the block disappeared, together with the man inside it.

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