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   Chapter 3866 Blind Spots

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The eyes of the man in black clothes were devoid of emotions.

When people looked at him, they got an impression of a tightened bow simmering with a surging power that could be released any time.

His emotions were like deep water in a tranquil lake. He looked outwardly composed, as if he was merely taking a walk in his courtyard. But everyone could sense that there was great power concealed below the surface.

No one could see through his real thoughts, not even Othniel.

"I asked nicely but since it didn't work, I'll have to use my fists," the man in black said in a flat tone.

It was as if declaring war on a Chaos Ancient God was quite common for him.

Although Othniel considered him a strong enemy, he had no intention of backing down. He threw Zen into the void and pointed at him so that a space cage instantly formed around Zen.

Even if Zen were to suddenly wake up and fight back, he would not be able to escape from the space cage. No one could help him break it from the outside either. It would be a difficult task even for the Eternal Realm masters present.

But much to the shock of everyone watching, the moment Zen touched the bottom of the space cage, he completely absorbed the energy shaping the floor and his body was quickly dropped from the cage.

Everyone was amused and was rendered speechless. Shera couldn't help but snigger.

Zen's physical body had been in such a strange state that even Othniel had made mistakes dealing with it more than once.

They had so far noticed that Zen would absorb all the power around him except for the brass man's Combat Dragon Absorb. Perhaps it was a mere coincidence, or perhaps it was because of the inferior power of the Combat Dragon Absorb.

For what it was worth, Shera's conjecture was very close to the truth.

Zen didn't really absorb all sorts of power. The process only occurred according to the map on the square. It was true that the power of the Combat Dragon Absorb was not superior enough for Zen to absorb it.

Othniel's power on the other hand, was an excellent option. Every time Othniel used the power of space against Zen, Zen's body immediately devoured it.

This occurred multiple times before a new light column appeared in the space-time quadrant of the map, rising rapidly.

Even when Zen fell from the sky, the

torn off from the book. The space itself looked miraculous under Othniel's formidable power.

The structure of the space itself was completely destroyed. If the man in black was hiding himself in the space, he would split into countless pieces as well.

But Othniel still couldn't see any signs of the man.

"Since what you've grasped is only a part of the space truth, you also have blind spots in space."

The man's voice echoed again. Othniel lifted the space saber but discovered that he couldn't determine the direction of the voice this time. The man's voice seemed to come from the depths of his mind. How was he doing that?

Just as Othniel was looking around incredulously, a beam of cyan light suddenly shot out from behind him.

It pierced through Othniel's back and continued to shoot straight ahead, crossing several provinces, boundary walls, and thick earth along the way before it shot straight out of the Source World and into the chaos.

Since the cyan light was only as thick as a little finger, it didn't create a hole large enough for the chaotic energy from the outside to flow into the Source World. But it had killed innumerable innocent creatures on its way out.

The small wound wasn't much trouble for Othniel. He only felt a slight pain in his back, and he brought his saber down behind him a few more times.

Large areas of space were destroyed, but the man in black seemed not to exist. Othniel's strikes had nearly destroyed everything in the space behind him, but he still failed to touch the man in black.

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