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   Chapter 3865 The Descending Man In Black

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The captain of the Black Ship, Shera, and the others also stared at the brass man, feeling quite confounded.

The brass man shrugged his shoulders while carrying Zen to show that he had no understanding of the situation...

The Chaos Ancient God was unable to retrieve someone from a Holy Soul Realm warrior. Even Othniel's expression became quite unnatural.

Othniel reached out his hand towards the brass man again, and the irregular power of space folded around Zen. However, when the power of space was applied to Zen, it vanished without a trace.

Zen had become like a black hole in the shape of his body. He could absorb all forms of power.

After failing twice in a row, Othniel finally relented and quit. His figure flashed, and he came to the Invisible Ship. He glanced at the captain and then reached out his hand to grab hold of Zen.

The brass man looked at the captain in a mute appeal for help. Given the situation, if the captain did not make a move, the brass man would not take action either.

As Othniel's hand grabbed out, the white fog created by the brass man's Combat Dragon Absorb began to thin and dissipate, and Zen was taken away by Othniel.

Before leaving, Othniel glanced back at Edith and flippantly commented, "This space ship is very exquisite. It will make a fine tomb for you..."

Once Othniel finished speaking, his figure disappeared, and he reappeared beside Yellow Thearch still holding onto Zen.

After they had left, Edith suddenly sensed trouble brewing and exclaimed in a state of panic, "Captain, I can't control the Invisible Ship..."

The Invisible Ship was Edith's Other Shore Token, but now it was no longer under her control.

"Your Other Shore Token is out of control?" Shera arched her eyebrows.


Edith stared at the transparent Invisible Ship in horror. "The Invisible Ship is shrinking!"

The Invisible Ship, which was thousands of feet in size, had steadily begun shrinking. In less than nine seconds, it had already shrunk by half. The people of the Black Ship, who were in the cabin, would soon be squashed by the Invisible Ship.

The members of the Black Ship used their Grand Teleportation technique at the same time, trying to teleport from the Invisible Ship.

However, the instant they used this technique to escape, they were surprised, and their expressions filled with fear. There was no fluctuation in the space. It must be Othniel's ploy to have trapped them here

been able to recognize him.

However, if the Nihility race could duel Othniel to the death, Fuxi and the others would celebrate seeing it.

"Who are you?" asked Othniel.

The man in black sniffed the air, revealing some enjoyment on his face. "I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Even though more than a thousand chaotic eras have passed, the scent of this world still hasn't changed,"

the man in black said without answering Othniel's question. Othniel's face darkened, and he asked in a low voice, "Tell me who you are!"

As he spoke, he suddenly lashed out at the man in black, and a crescent-shaped space crack hurtled straight towards the man in black. The space crack that the Chaos Ancient God had so casually created was extremely lethal.

Facing the space crack, the man in black smiled faintly and extended his palm to block the crack as if swatting a fly.


When the man's palm met the space crack, a grating noise sounded, and the space crack disintegrated.

Then his lips formed a warm smile. "It doesn't matter who I am. The most important thing is that man. You have to hand him over to me,"

the man in black said, pointing at Zen, who was draped over Othniel's shoulder.

"Not in your wildest dreams," responded Othniel.

If it weren't for the fact that Zen was able to absorb all the energy and couldn't be transported away, Othniel would have hidden Zen in a corner of the chaos as he had done to Gerald.

If Othniel had done so, it wouldn't matter how strong the man in black was.

Finding a human in the vast chaos was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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