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   Chapter 3864 Exile

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A hush fell over the skies. Suddenly, Gerald's eyes lit up with a green light.


In the Invisible Ship, a small dot of green light flew out of Zen's body. It was no other than No. 9527, a soul fragment of Gerald.

Back then, Gerald had been optimistic about Zen. Now, he wanted to know if he had made the right choice.

As the others of the Black Ship watched the green dot of light float out of the Invisible Ship, no one dared stop it.

Although No. 9527 was just a weak soul fragment, the aura it emanated was the same as that of Gerald.


The green light dot rose steadily, soaring through the sky until it shot into Gerald's forehead.

In Gerald's mind, he was surrounded in the middle by many brain masters, like a human emperor, awaiting No. 9527's arrival.

When the green dot of light entered Gerald's head, No. 9527 emerged and stood in front of its master. Suddenly, No. 9527 did a very human thing: it bowed towards its master.

"You are me," the master said confusedly. "Why do you use such etiquette with your own self?" No. 9527 remained silent. Gerald thought for a moment, then finally said, "You've been gone for a long time. Have you grown attached to your own consciousness?"

To some extent, the soul fragment was also an independent individual.

After being with Zen for so long, No. 9527 had gradually developed its own personality.

It even didn't want to go back to its master. In its own way, it wanted to be a special No. 9527, not just a soul fragment.

"Yes, Master," No. 9527 replied sincerely. "I... I want to leave you. For good."

As soon as No. 9527 spoke this, the brain masters surrounding Gerald broke into indignant chaos.

How dare a mere soul fragment ask to break away from its master's consciousness?

In the brain world, this was an absolutely outrageous act. It was impossible for brain masters and soul fragments to be this individualistic!

"You have made a great contribution and successfully assisted Zen to the Eternal Realm. Spread yourself out before me," Gerald ordered. "Once I understand what has happened to you during this period of time, I can allow you to leave."

Without any hesitation

, but to Gerald, they were as fragile as glass. With ease, Gerald smashed each of them at a touch...

Even though the space walls did no real damage to Gerald, it did slow him down momentarily.

Before Gerald even had the chance to attack Othniel, Othniel's eye had already gathered enough space power. Without hesitating, he shot a thick blue light onto Gerald's body.

Once the blue light disappeared, so did Gerald.


Othniel's laughter roared throughout the skies.

Then, he shrank his body, from a huge god-like scale to that of a human. His appearance also transformed into that of Mount. This was the complete Mount.

Next, Othniel appeared beside Yellow Thearch, and pulled at the air in front of him.

Suddenly, space itself seemed to warp and distort all over the Separate Amber Province.

He had pulled the important figures to his side.

They included the Divine Farmer, who was currently a goat monster, Mahoney, the members of the Black Ship, and the Snake Goddess...

They didn't see this coming. As space itself seemed to fold before them, they hadn't reacted before Othniel pulled them towards him.

Then, Othniel stared at Zen as he saw through the Invisible Ship. He felt as though he had stumbled upon an invaluable treasure. Stretching out his hand, he wanted to pull Zen towards him, too.

However, even under his pull, Zen remained unmoved.

His invincible space truth had no effect at this moment!

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