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   Chapter 3863 A Huge Figure

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Back then, Fuxi had challenged Gerald, but he failed. In turn, Gerald had taught him a hard lesson.

What made it more impressive for Gerald was that even though he was in a bad situation at that time, he was still able to defeat Fuxi.

However, Fuxi had never accepted his fate. He went on to find ways to suppress the truth on the Other Shore since it was at a higher level than the chaos in some way.

That was why when he felt the space truth's suppressive power, an immensely strong fighting intent filled his heart.

"You want to take all my powers by just folding the space?" he sneered. Then, his arm swelled up, and he released his strength once more.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A mark of the Eight Diagrams and fist radiance exploded in front of Yellow Thearch, but it didn't have any impact on him at all. It was as if they were in two separate worlds.

Yellow Thearch leaned against the boundary wall with an arrogant smile and mocked Fuxi's fruitless efforts.

He calmly stood up and casually reached out his hand. The Yellow Thearch Sword suddenly appeared on his palm.

Upon closer look, it appeared that the surrounding space was a little distorted as Yellow Thearch moved. It turned out that he was isolated in another space.


Yellow Thearch gently waved his sword and leisurely walked towards Fuxi step by step.


With a slight buzzing sound, a holy way with intense killing intent slashed towards Fuxi's head.

In return, Fuxi punched the incoming attack.


Surprisingly, he missed, and his punch went past the holy way. They were in separate spaces that did not intersect.


On the contrary, Yellow Thearch's sword attack hit Fuxi accurately!

Fuxi had restrained Yellow Thearch before, but that didn't mean that the latter was weak.

There was a muffled sound, and then Fuxi fell to the ground.

Yellow Thearch raised his sword, and he looked calm again. Suddenly, he launched another sword attack!

His spiritual sense flowed through as he swung his sword again.


A large cut immediately appeared on the ground, but Fuxi already dodged it using the Grand Teleportation technique.

"How can you escape under Othniel's gaze?" The voice of Yellow Thearch boomed from all directions.

At that moment, he seemed to have heard something and waved

d other hundreds of provinces, including the Bloom Divine Province and the Pear Hill.

Many creatures raised their heads to look at the enormous scorpion, and all of them had mixed feelings: first was that they felt deeply attached to the scorpion, and second was they also feared it, as if it would destroy them right then and there.

Gerald was the Chaos Ancient God who controlled the truth of life. In the early days of the Source World, Gerald could interfere with the cycle of life and even create creatures. Therefore, it was safe to say that all living creatures in the current chaos originated from him.

Furthermore, he was the ruler of all living creatures. Not only could he create lives, but he could destroy them too.

As soon as Gerald's figure appeared, another enormous figure also emerged on the other side. It was a gigantic one-eyed monster with a strange stooping body.

It was none other than Othniel, who had coated Yellow Thearch with a layer of space membrane.

"Haven't you figured it out yet?" Othniel's voice echoed throughout the hundreds of provinces.

The Chaos Ancient Gods also had their stands.

From their perspective, the Purge Way was clearly in line with their interests. That was why Othniel was willing to help Yellow Thearch.

Despite that, Othniel didn't want to fight with Gerald. They both came from the last chaotic era, and although they belonged to different races, their races got along well with each other at that time.

Therefore, he still tried to persuade Gerald to stand with him even now.

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