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   Chapter 3862 Gap Of Strength

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It was because of the Chaos Ancient Gods that the Black Ship had spent their days sailing endlessly, never settling down in the Source World.

The Chaos Ancient Gods didn't like the Black Ship, so they couldn't establish a stronghold in the Source World.

The six Chaos Ancient Gods had secretly been working behind the scenes.

"How powerful will Othniel's control over the space be?" Edith asked, eyes wide with astonishment.

She had once been told by the captain of the Black Ship that she was probably the most talented person in the Source World in terms of manipulating space.

However, even she paled in comparison to the Chaos Ancient God, who had mastered the space truth.

"I'm afraid we're about to find out," the captain said gravely.

Under normal circumstances, the Black Ship never cowered away from battling other super forces.

However, when faced with the Chaos Ancient Gods themselves, even the Black Ship knew this would be quite the challenge.

They had been lucky enough to avoid the Chaos Ancient Gods in the past, but this time, it seemed there was no way out of this.

"Should we summon him?" Shera suddenly asked.

"Of course," said the captain, squinting. Apparently, he had been well prepared.


A huge hole ripped through the bottom of a black ship, from which Mahoney emerged.

Rage flashed in her eyes as she scanned her surroundings, searching for her prey. She had wanted to join hands with the captain of the Black Ship to fight against the Snake Goddess, yet he double-crossed her and imprisoned her on a black ship!

While it had taken her a great deal of effort to get out, all she wanted to do now was seek revenge.

Mahoney activated her spiritual sense, and soon she found another black ship nearby.

Tearing through space once more, she teleported to the next black ship in a single breath. "Captain," she smiled. "Don't blame me for what happens next!"


A formidable energy wave emanated from Mahoney's body. Immense divine megatons of force formed a ring around her as she threw a punch towards the black ship.

Just as her fist connected with the hull of the ship, she heard a loud thud coming from within it.


Apparently, this black ship also contained a prisoner — the goat monster that the Divine Farmer had transformed into.

Even if it had more power than the Snake Goddess, it couldn't match her intelligence. It hadn't been able to escape the black ship till then.

Now, as Mahoney and the goat monster smashed the hull from both inside and outside at the same time, the black ship broke into pieces under their joint efforts.


As t

tage. There were still a large number of areas that remained a mystery to them.

Fuxi couldn't count how many times he'd risked his life to explore new areas. However, he had grown stronger each time.

It was because he had chosen to take the rougher path that he had grown stronger than the other masters at the Eternal Realm.

Yellow Thearch stared at Fuxi wordlessly, unable to come up with a response.

Admittedly, he was jealous of Fuxi's great power. If he had known things would turn out like this, he might have made different choices.

But it was too late for regrets. This was the path he had chosen.

After a moment of silence, Yellow Thearch suddenly smiled. With a crazed look in his eyes, he threw his head back and laughed. "Do you really think you've won this war?"

Fuxi clenched his fist. "At least... I've won against you."

A mark of Eight Diagrams appeared on Yellow Thearch's body, and Fuxi threw out another incredibly powerful punch.


The earth-splitting power of the punch exploded on Yellow Thearch's body.

However, as the dust cleared, Yellow Thearch still leaned quietly against the boundary wall, unscathed. There was an invisible space in front of him which had blocked the blow completely.

Fuxi's eyes narrowed in realization. Angrily, he whipped his head upwards to look to the sky.

There was only one person in the entire chaos who would be able to control space this way — Othniel, one of the Chaos Ancient Gods.

Something in Fuxi's eyes began to burn like crazy.

There was a huge gap of strength between an Eternal Realm master and the Chaos Ancient Gods.

Still, even when he was imprisoned at the bottom of the chaos, Fuxi had always wondered if he was capable of killing a Chaos Ancient God...

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