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   Chapter 3861 Unable To Leave

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This was the captain's style of doing things. He always completed tasks at minimum cost.

The other members of the Black Ship never doubted him. Even if the Divine Farmer killed a few of them, no one even thought of killing the Divine Farmer in revenge.

The Black Ship always took revenge, but they needed better timing. They believed that their captain would take care of it.

"But what about Usman?" Shera asked, her hair fluttering in the wind.

The mission would be completed when they were able to take Zen away with them.

But she hadn't forgotten the captain's another goal. If possible, he would summon the Evil God to swallow Usman.

This way, the Evil God would become stronger and gain some authority in the Source World.

"This is not the right time. We'll find another chance," said the captain.

Shera nodded wordlessly and entered Edith's Invisible Ship along with the other members of the Black Ship. In a flash, the Invisible Ship had reached the sky.

The captain's three black ships had trapped Mahoney, the Divine Farmer, and the Snake Goddess.

Each black ship was a part of the captain's body, but they were parts that he could abandon.

The remaining black ships flew into the distance alongside the Invisible Ship.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Snake Goddess flew among the houses in one of the black ships.

The door of the cabin before her suddenly slammed shut and bumped violently into her.

A red light flashed at her fingertips, turning into a sharp claw light before she unleashed it at the door.


The door instantly cracked into pieces.

Blood flowed from the cracks of the door.

The black ship was made of flesh!

"I don't think you have completely inherited the ability of the Land of Ancient Flesh," said the Snake Goddess.

The power she had used was still bloodline power. Her lethality had greatly increased after she had fused her shadow into her real body.

She used the power of her shadow to open the door of the black ship.

If the captain really had occupied the Land of Ancient Flesh, he would be invincible, and the shadow of Snake Goddess w

return to the Separate Amber Province!"


The members of the Black Ship didn't know what was happening.

The captain in his black cloak thought hard. It was a moment before he said, "Someone has tampered with space. Even the Invisible Ship has gotten lost. We are trapped in here."

The Snake Goddess had warned him, and now, they were encountering this. He knew exactly what was going on.

"How can someone do this to the space across so many provinces? I mean, who can do that?" the brass man asked.

He was still carrying Zen on his shoulder, unwilling to put down such a handy weapon.

"Ordinary warriors at the Eternal Realm may find it difficult to do," the captain said, his eyes serious. "But what if it is Othniel who has mastered the truth-level theurgy?"

Othniel was the Chaos Ancient God standing behind the Bearing race. If the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race wanted to ensure that everything was all right, they might ask Othniel to help them.

The Finale Way and the Purge Way both had Chaos Ancient Gods to support them, because there would always be a place for them to live no matter which way was completed.

This was exactly the Black Ship's disadvantage.

Their ultimate goal was to completely destroy the chaos and cause the Chaos Ancient Gods who had mastered the truth-level theurgies to disappear. This was why no Chaos Ancient God was willing to be their ally.

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