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   Chapter 3860 The Creation Quadrant

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The light pillar in the destruction quadrant continued to rise.

Soon, it touched the ring of light at the very edge of the map.

The four bronze statues all looked upon the cup.

Now that there were three light pillars, Zen was supposedly ready to wake up.

He obtained the ancestry-level bloodline so easily!

Yet he remained lying motionless in the sacred cup.

The bronze statues had no clue that Zen was also confused.

As he lay in the darkness, he was positive that he was awake and not in a dream.

But he couldn't feel himself at all. At the very least, his sense of touch and smell had already left. He couldn't even perceive if he had a corporeal body—it seemed as though he was floating in the darkness as a mere lonely soul.

Fortunately, the soul's eyes and ears remained intact—Zen could see dots of light in the distance, as well as hear some sounds from his surroundings.

Murmurs rang in his ears every now and then. Each time a sound came through, the dots of light would spread out like dancing flies.

It seemed like there was someone chanting incantations…

and the light dots were following the commands of said incantations.

Why was such a thing in his mind, Zen wondered?

How long would the state last?

He received no answer.

Meanwhile, in the Source World…

something explosive resounded.

A pit that could hold a great lake suddenly appeared—the brass man smashed into the ground.

At the bottom of the pit, as soon as the goat monster's body was exposed, it was thrown into the air and smacked back down by the brass man.


Another great pit appeared as the goat monster was once again smashed into the ground. Behind them, there were already over twenty lake-sized huge pits.

While the brass man's series of attacks caused no substantial damage to the goat monster, the latter was at least sufficiently suppressed enough so it had no strength to fight back.

But with each strike, the brass man released three hundred thousand divine megatons of force, enough that the other two Black Ship members could hardly bear it any longer.

The Withering Power and the Power Transfer Lens were both Other Shore Tokens from Stage Thirty-three of the Other Shore, but they consumed divine crystals rapidly.

At such a consumption rate, it was impractical to crumb divine crystals one after another to replenish the Other Shore Tokens. A single rep

All of them were speechless as they gazed at the extending light pillar.

The root-level bloodline that the Divine Farmer inherited was initially born from the creation quadrant.

The very fact that he had turned himself into a goat monster was a form of creation.

From its appearance, strength could be displayed in thousands of billions of forms, but in the map of the ancestry-level bloodline, strength would be simply divided into four great quadrants: destruction, creation, life, and space-time. Only small differences existed among the three hundred seventy-three light pillars that focused on various areas.

The goat monster's attacks directly helped Zen consummate a light pillar.

Once it launched over ten attacks in a single shot, the two Black Ship members finally replenished enough divine crystal energy.

When the Power Transfer Lens once again faced the brass man, his force surged once again.

Just as the brass man was ready to go against the monster again, a great black shadow suddenly shrouded them from above their heads, swallowing the goat monster with a bang.

It was a black ship that formed the great black shadow that descended—the captain's real body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of roars emerged from within the ship, but it wasn't broken. It was clear that the goat monster struggled to escape.


The brass man only felt he had endless power to release.

"You can't kill it. It's an immortal body. Since you've obtained Zen, don't waste any time. Let's leave as soon as possible," the captain said when he reappeared on the deck like a ghost.

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