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   Chapter 3859 The Growing Light Column

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In the far northwest of the Source World, there was a unique copper tree.

The roots of the tree reached deep into the ground. After growing for a long time, it was now able to extract a very special type of copper ore from the deep underground and absorb the ore into its core.

This copper was very flexible, and its raw form, which was viscous liquid, gave it the name "water copper".

The water copper could be cut with a knife easily.

But once a huge force came into contact with it, it would automatically become solid and extremely hard in an instant. All in all, instead of a type of ore, it could also be described as a kind of liquid with magical properties.

Based on these properties, the captain of the Black Ship finally built the Combat Dragon Pillar for the brass man.

The brass man had wanted to test the effect of the Combat Dragon Pillar before, so he used the Power Transfer Lens and the Withering Power to exert a force of nearly three hundred thousand divine megatons on the pillar. The result was satisfying for him—the pillar could take on the force easily.

Therefore, the stronger the force the Combat Dragon Pillar received, the stronger it'd become.

Had the brass man possessed three hundred thousand divine megatons of force before, Divine Farmer wouldn't have been able to cut the Combat Dragon Pillar.

But at that time, the brass man had only relied on his own strength when he used the Combat Dragon Absorb, so the Combat Dragon Pillar was naturally destroyed by Divine Farmer with a casual strike of his ruler.

Now, however, the brass man's weapon wasn't the "Combat Dragon Pillar"—his weapon now was a human's body.

Although Zen was basically an Eternal Realm warrior, a force of three hundred thousand divine megatons wasn't a laughing matter. Even a warrior like Zen would still have his body crushed if his body was struck by such a force!

Everything the brass man did just now was done on the spur of the moment and without any further consideration at all. Now that he calmed down, he realized that what happened didn't at all make any sense.

On Zen's Three Purities Stone in the Grand Plain Stage, Zen's anchor bodies changed.

The force exerted on Zen's real physical body had been transmitted to his anchor bodies.

One's anchor body was connected to the Eternal Scroll Painting, and the Eternal Scroll Painting was connected to the Eternal Divine Courtyard.

When the force was transmitted to Zen's anchor bodies, an imperceptible wave of energy was also transmitted to the sacred cup in the Eternal Divine Courtyard at an unimaginable speed.


Zen's body shook. Consequently, even the entire sacred cup shook.

After the tiny ripples on the surface of the thick blood in the

want to use his bloodline theurgy in handling the members of the Black Ship.

Nevertheless, upon seeing the strange characteristics of Zen's body, he felt the urgency to activate his blood theurgy.

His body began to lengthen, and two horns grew on his head. His feet also turned into a pair of strong hooves...

It was a mutant in the form of a goat monster... Divine Farmer's consciousness was gradually fading.

The goat monster was the most ferocious of his three mutant forms, but it was also the form that Divine Farmer hated the least.

The only thing that Divine Farmer could do to control this goat monster was to plant a purpose in his mind—he must take Zen back.

A second later, the consciousness in the goat monster's eyes completely disappeared. After a moment of haziness, it let out a strange howl.

The brass man standing not far away had been observing for a long time. Seeing that the goat monster was still a little confused, he immediately carried Zen and smashed at the monster with Zen's body.


The strike still contained a force of three hundred thousand divine megatons.

While the goat monster was still howling, it was directly thrown down from the air, creating a huge crater in the ground.

However, the almost indestructible goat monster suffered no injury at all. It turned over, ran a few steps on the ground with both hands and feet, and pounced on the brass man.


With Zen on his shoulder, the brass man once again smashed Zen towards the ground. He didn't believe that the mutant transformed from Divine Farmer wouldn't really be killed.

However, what the brass man didn't know was that every time he carried Zen and smashed him, the third light column in the area symbolizing destruction under the sacred cup in the Eternal Divine Courtyard would grow taller.

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