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   Chapter 3858 A Good Weapon

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There was no way the brass man could think of anything else during this critical moment.

He knew that Zen was the crux of all these matters and was the reason for Divine Farmer's chase.

They wanted Zen for a specific purpose and until this purpose was fulfilled, there was no way they would harm him.

It was fortunate that the brass man's conjecture turned out to be true. Divine Farmer's frown was very obvious when he decided to use Zen as a weapon.

Divine Farmer, Yellow Thearch, and Mahoney all received the same order from the Element Spirit race: take advantage of Zen's inability to leave the Other Shore and capture him!

Seeing the brass man carry Zen on his shoulders as he rushed towards him, Divine Farmer had no choice but to tilt his Divine Farmer Ruler to hit the brass man's head and avoid harming Zen.

Given his rich experience in combat, the brass man easily saw through his opponent's move. He ducked and swung Zen's body forward to use him as a shield!

Determined to protect himself, the brass man raised Zen's body and smashed it towards the Divine Farmer.

In fear of hurting Zen, Divine Farmer chose to withdraw his ruler. In his haste, he did not have enough time to dodge the swipe heading towards him and could only take the force of the attack head-on!


Zen's head directly slammed onto Divine Farmer's chest with a loud thud.

The impact was so strong and penetrated deep into Divine Farmer's chest, through his heart, and onto his spine.

This strong, penetrating force was the result of the brass man's theurgy: the Combat Dragon Power.

It did not just stop with the Divine Farmer's body, in fact, the same power erupted on several thousand feet of ground behind him. The amount of destruction caused by this theurgy was terrifying and could very well play a decisive effect in normal combat.

Divine Farmer's body trembled and the sharp pain he felt in his chest confirmed his injuries.

A murderous glint flashed through his eyes, furious that this brass man managed to deal such heavy damage to him. Divine Farmer quickly made a dash and came upon his opponent's back.

He raised his Divine Farmer Ruler and brought it down!


The surface of his weapon glowed an ominous dark green as numerous black carvings flowed through it.

Divine Farmer was good at detoxification but he was also considered an expert at weaponizing poison.

This Willow Green Poison, for example, was a unique concoction Divine Farmer himself created.

It was so potent that not even an Eternal Realm master could hope to survive it.

He did not normally use this on Holy Soul Realm opponents but the rage he felt from being hoodwinked by the brass man was enough to make him pull out all his cards.

Unfortunately for him, the brass man was also set to go a

's body and smashed it against Divine Farmer's head.

Left with no other choice, Divine Farmer slid his fingers across the Divine Farmer Ruler.


Green light flashed from the ruler and spread all throughout his body, like a blossoming willow.

Just as the light began to shine, Zen's head made contact with Divine Farmer's body.


Despite the harsh blow, Divine Farmer was unharmed.

However, his once indestructible Divine Farmer Ruler twisted so suddenly.


Determined to not give Divine Farmer any chance to recover, the brass man quickly smashed Zen down on him.

This second attack twisted the Divine Farmer Ruler even more and completely distorted its shape.


Upon the third smash, Divine Farmer fell back and smashed the space cage Edith trapped him in.

His weapon was now greatly distorted but at least he managed to withstand three, incredibly fatal attacks!

Of course, the state of his Divine Farmer Ruler made his heart ache. It would take a long time to nurture his lifeblood weapon back into shape.

Still, Zen's unharmed state concerned him more. How in the world was the young man completely intact after enduring intense bouts of power?

A look of regret flashed through the brass man's face when he realized that he had failed to subdue Divine Farmer. Just a few more smashes and he was certain to have ended him. It would take the brass man a few seconds to realize that the astonishment on Divine Farmer's face wasn't directed at him, but to Zen whom he wielded as a weapon.

'Well, I got to admit this boy's physical body makes for a good weapon, ' the brass man thought to himself.

Then he remembered that Zen withstood nearly three hundred thousand divine megatons of force but was barely injured.

It wasn't long before the brass man's face was the exact mirror of astonishment on Divine Farmer's.

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