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   Chapter 3857 Combat Dragon Absorb

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After Divine Farmer had destroyed the Combat Dragon Pillar with the ruler, he slashed at the brass man once more.

Just as his second strike was about to land on the brass man, a bandage suddenly wrapped around his arm.

At the other end of the bandage was the "bamboo pole".

The "bamboo pole" glowed with colorful light after the bandage unwrapped. In the Black Ship, the "bamboo pole" was the most proficient in using poison. Back then, when the first Usman appeared, he also relied on his fast-spreading "Flash Insect Poison" to make thousands of the provinces in the Source World turn red.


The "bamboo pole" then pulled the bandage and passed by the brass man and rushed towards Divine Farmer.

His whole body shone brightly and had turned into a semi-liquid state. Under his skin was not flesh, but water.


Meanwhile, the ruler slashed down and sank into the body of the "bamboo pole." In turn, the "bamboo pole" immediately softened and turned into a mass of sticky venom that spread out on Divine Farmer's arms!


As soon as the venom came into contact with Divine Farmer, his arms became pitch black. The black spread at an alarming speed, and in no time, it reached his forearms.

"You used poison on me? How naive of you!"

The Divine Farmer Ruler he held emitted a green light that rolled towards him. The light mildly surrounded his arms and turned them back to normal. Then, the remaining green light followed the spreading venom.

In reality, the venom was the real body of the "bamboo pole". It was his trump card. It liquefied his form and turned it into a toxic liquid that he used to attack.

Although the "bamboo pole" hadn't reached the Eternal Realm, he was a much-experienced warrior in the Black Ship. He was ranked third on the Black Ship in terms of age.

He had liquefied himself into poison three times in the past. It took him a long time to recover every time he was liquefied, and the recovery process was painful. However, he was always successful in killing opponents who were very difficult to deal with, including a warrior at the Eternal Realm.

This time, however, his opponent was Divine Farmer!

Furthermore, the ball of green light Divine Farmer used was fatal to him.

He immediately felt chills when he saw the green light. He wanted to escape, but it was too late. The green light had already entangled with the venom, then the venom neutralized and disappeared.


al. Then, he stretched both of his hands and put it on his shoulder.

"Combat Dragon Absorb!"

He roared, then his hands released a faint mist and fused him with the red crystal.

It turned out that the Combat Dragon Pillar that Divine Farmer had just broken was not an Other Shore Token, but a weapon that the captain of the Black Ship had made for him.

The brass man's Other Shore Token could combine his weapon and his body into one. He had always used the Combat Dragon Pillar to fight, and now Divine Farmer had destroyed it. Of course, it was hard to find a suitable weapon in a short time. Suddenly, he thought of the red crystal. So he placed it on his shoulder and merged it with his body.

Right after that, he left the Invisible Ship and rushed towards Divine Farmer!

Now, the reason Divine Farmer had chased the Invisible Ship for so long was because of Zen.

The second he saw the brass man rush towards him, his face became unreadable.

The red crystal was undoubtedly a good material to use, but wouldn't that be giving him what he wanted by using Zen as a weapon and coming to him?

Therefore, he didn't dodge and instead charged forward as well.

Once again, he used the Divine Farmer Ruler to slash through the air and swung it at the red crystal!



The first strike failed to shatter the red crystal, but the second strike finally broke it.

"Combat Dragon Absorb!"

White mist burst out from the brass man's hands.

Since the red crystal was damaged, he could no longer use it as a weapon. Thus, he made up his mind. He took Zen's body inside the red crystal and merged with it.

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