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   Chapter 3856 In The Black Ship

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The Land of Ancient Flesh was a whole large chunk of flesh located in the far south of the Three Purities Stage.

Though no one knew who explored the Land of Ancient Flesh first, it could be assumed that it was easy to break into the place in the beginning.

However, after someone dug into the land once, no pure physical force could work on it anymore. Because of this, the very first mark on the ground could still be seen to this very day.

After one used fire to melt the Land of Ancient Flesh, they found that it would only successfully melt off a small piece. Since then, the Land of Ancient Flesh grew immune to the fire, and no longer feared any flames.

All of these failed attempts led to the conclusion that

methods and attempts only worked once when used on the Land of Ancient Flesh.

This large chunk of flesh seemed to have developed this rare evolutionary ability, which worked very well to its advantage.

At this point, the Land of Ancient Flesh had endured so many attacks that it was basically unstoppable. The flesh feared nothing now.

Many people had attempted to break it, including the Snake Goddess and Fuxi and others. However, they failed to cause even a dent in the Land of Ancient Flesh.

Just now, the Snake Goddess used her shadow and corroded the body of the Black Ship's captain. The captain didn't dodge because he wanted to adapt to the energy beams from the shadow of Snake Goddess.

After the captain experienced the power of the beams, the shadow of Snake Goddess became an ineffective attack to the black ships.

It was in this moment that the Snake Goddess realized that this resistance possibly had something to do with the Land of Ancient Flesh.

Because of the flesh's extraordinary characteristic, many people attempted to obtain the land to use its powers. However, it was due to this evolutionary characteristic alone that no one succeeded.

In theory, the Land of Ancient Flesh could not be sliced, separated, much less be merged with anyone. If this was so, how did the captain of the Black Ship merge himself with such an incredible Other Shore Token?

"You are quite smart to have understood it so quickly," the captain smirked, "Please do aboard the ship and stay there for a while."

As soon as the captain finished speaking, the black ship closest in proximity to the Snake Goddess suddenly swooped down in her direction.

Just then, Snake Goddess tapped her toes in the air and flew backward rapidly, her long dress flowing gracefully in the air along with her.

Normally, the Snake Goddess's speed should have been enough for her to escape, but the black ship suddenly produced a space fluctuation. Withi

an iron wall. Without asking for any help, he prepared to sacrifice himself.

"Let's attack together. Let Edith take the red crystal to leave first," another creature spoke from not too far away. He was Vance, half human and half deer and a longtime member of the Black Ship.

"I agree." Shera nodded. "Even if we fight head on, we won't necessarily lose."

If the members of the Black Ship teamed up, they would have enough strength to put up against a warrior at the Eternal Realm. After all, it was not long ago that the Black Ship trapped the Thunder Dimorphodon with only four of them.

However, the strength of warriors at the Eternal Realm also varied in amount and energy. A warrior like Divine Farmer was obviously among the more powerful ones at the Eternal Realm. No one on the Black Ship was willing to face such a powerful existence unless it was an utmost necessity.

Left with absolutely no choice, they decided to fight Divine Farmer head-on and as a team.

All of a sudden, the Invisible Ship moved through spatial transference again.

As usual, Divine Farmer appeared behind it like a taunting shadow. Once he slashed down with the ruler, the brass man was already out of the Invisible Ship.

A light emerged from the brass man's body, and just like that, the aura of an Other Shore Token surged out from him.

At the same time, a huge brass pillar appeared in his right hand as he charged towards the sky!


With one attempt, the strike of Divine Farmer's ruler hit the brass pillar precisely. The brass pillar cracked right at the middle, and as if it was made out of soft mud, the crack trickled down all the way to the bottom of the pillar.

The Combat Dragon Pillar, which was the brass man's prized weapon, was destroyed in an instant.

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