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   Chapter 3855 The Land Of Ancient Flesh

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The huge shadow of Snake Goddess stayed still up in the sky as its arms held the black ship.

Snake Goddess and the captain of the Black Ship previously used their own methods to learn about the full situation, and they also watched the battle between Fuxi and the Yellow Thearch.

Just now, the captain of the Black Ship thought that the Snake Goddess was too confident. After all, the Yellow Thearch was still quite powerful, and it wasn't easy for Fuxi to take him down.

When they fought, however, it was evident that they were far too different.

Fuxi was much more powerful than everyone had expected. The captain quickly grew serious, and he said, "It seems that there is a reason for your confidence in the Human Sovereign."

"Of course," the Snake Goddess said with a glint in her cat-like eyes.

"But, are you confident enough to trap me here?" At that moment, the captain looked at the shadow of Snake Goddess above his head.

If Fuxi had really killed the Yellow Thearch, then the members of the Black Ship and the Divine Farmer would fall into Fuxi's hands no matter who won.

The mere thought of it made the captain restless.

"If you want to try, you can do it with Mahoney," the Snake Goddess calmly said as she looked towards the void on the left.

The area exhibited a wave of space fluctuation, and Mahoney, who was hiding inside, appeared.

"You are quite keen, Snake Goddess," she said.

"Your whispers are too loud," the Snake Goddess replied.

At first, Mahoney planned to attack the captain, but the captain asked his crew to fight, so things changed.

She had been hiding in the dark and waiting for a good chance. She never thought that the Yellow Thearch would be disadvantaged, so she took the initiative to communicate with the captain.

While all of that happened, the Snake Goddess had cleverly captured the wave of their consciousness. "I wonder who is stronger, you or the Human Sovereign?" the captain asked.

In reality, Fuxi's power scared the captain. He hadn't seen the Snake Goddess fight for a long time. If she was as strong as Fuxi, then things would get tricky.

The captain was first quite confident in himself. He thought that he was as strong as the Yellow Thearch, so when he saw that the Yellow Thearch got defeated all the time, he became not that confident.

Confidence was the

ing himself back to life, but there was no reason for him to let the Snake Goddess kill him once.

"It seems that the rumor is true," said the Snake Goddess. She bit her lips, crossed her hands, and waved them.

"I heard that the captain of the Black Ship doesn't have a real body. These ships are your bodies!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The moment she finished speaking, countless energy beams lashed towards the black ships like whips.

Most people thought that the Black Ship was an intimidating force, but the real strong ones were its members. The ships were just ordinary flying ships.

Without the help of those at the Eternal Realm, the ordinary warriors at the Holy Soul Realm or even the Chaotic Source Realm could destroy them.

But when the Snake Goddess's energy beams struck the ships, there was only a muffled sound, and the beams just bounced off the ships' surfaces.

The powerful energy beams had lost their desired effect. "In addition to the fact that my real bodies are the ships, I wonder what else you have found out?" the captain said from the ship.

The Snake Goddess thought for a while before she asked hesitantly, "Have you integrated with the Land of Ancient Flesh?" The Land of Ancient Flesh was an immensely dangerous place.

It was quite a small land in the far south of the Three Purities Stage, but it was frightening and forbidden.

After all, its exterior was a large piece of flesh.

It also had a distinct feature. Any power could only work there once. The second and succeeding times, they would be ineffective.

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