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   Chapter 3854 Fuxi's Great Strength

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A small shadow soared through the air and crashed into the side of an enormous stone mountain, well over ten thousand feet in height. It had stood there, solid and immovable, for thousands of years. As soon as the shadow hit the stones, the mountain collapsed as though it had never existed.

Deep rumbling sounds echoed as the mountain crumbled from the force of the impact.

The huge mountain had been destroyed in the blink of an eye.

The stone shards of the mountain flew out in all directions. Many were sharp and deadly, and pierced through the nearby creatures like airborne weapons.

Most of the stabbed creatures died immediately. For all who lived in the mountain area, this day was the end of their world.

As the rumbles of the collapsing mountain began to fade, there was a strange buzzing noise.

A mark of the Eight Diagrams had appeared on the ruins of the mountain. A closer inspection revealed that the outer layer of the mark was blurry, because it was actually formed by the overlapping of many marks.

"Take this!"

A boom sounded.

For a moment, time seemed to stop and stand still.

Fuxi's arms were barely visible as he landed thousands of punches in very, very rapid succession. The speed and force of the punches released a great energy that flowed down from the ruins of the mountain.

But the buzzing sound continued.

The various noises merged with each other, each loud enough to obscure the original sounds, until only a continuous high-pitched note could be heard.

The overlapping marks of the Eight Diagrams exploded simultaneously.

The ground began to sink beneath the rubble of the mountain.

One thousand feet, ten thousand feet, one hundred thousand feet, one million feet...

The Source World was hollow, and almost all of its living beings lived in the inner layer. The outer layer was not thick. The thickest part was only sixty million feet at most, and the thinnest part was only a few million feet.

The majority of the exit points from the Source World were located in the weak spots of the outer layer.

The Separate Amber Province was itself located in a weak spot. The distance from its surface to the chaos outside was only more than ten million feet. Now, through sheer force, Fuxi had smashed it through.

In the chaos, the Yellow Thearch Sword exuded a golden light, ensuring the protection of the Yellow Thearch.

The golden light contained a holy way with the strongest defensive power.

However, even with such protection, the Yellow Thearch was still in a sorry state.

He had felt very confident since the defeat of the Nine Li race.

With the help of the Element Spirit ra

his energy into attacking Fuxi, wanting to tear him to pieces.

The golden sword radiance slashed into Fuxi's body.

The net had shrunk and now completely enveloped Fuxi until he was no longer visible.

In that moment, the sword radiance exploded, and it was so bright that even the sun looked dim in comparison.

In the far distance, the powerful warriors of the Oneness Sky Palace, the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race paused briefly amid their fighting to glance at the golden glow of sword radiance on the horizon.

However, the Yellow Thearch was not Emperor Charm. The swordsmanship he cultivated was completely different from Emperor Charm's Nine-Sun World Destruction Theurgy.

Several moments passed before the golden light dissipated completely.

Something unexpected had happened. When the Yellow Thearch saw the result of his attack, his eyes widened, and one eyelid began twitching with alarm.

Fuxi stood there, entirely unharmed. He wore a slight, sardonic smile as he said, "Well, you said my fists are weak, but your sword seems even weaker!

You have no true strength!

You are weak."

Fuxi's eyes glinted as he repeated, "Weak!"

With that final word, Fuxi vanished.

The marks of the Eight Diagrams appeared and rushed towards the Yellow Thearch.

Fuxi came into view, threw a punch, and disappeared again.

The Yellow Thearch couldn't follow Fuxi's motions because he was moving at an unimaginable speed. Every time he caught a glimpse of Fuxi, he was in a different position. This made it difficult, if not impossible, for the Yellow Thearch to launch a counterattack.

This put the Yellow Thearch at a severe disadvantage. He was forced to passively wait to see what Fuxi planned to do, without any chance to fight back.

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