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   Chapter 3853 Trapping

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Just then, several people joined hands to take away Zen's red crystal.

After Tomos stopped the crystal from being taken away with the smoke, he and Shera respectively used the illusion skill and the controlling technique to confuse Divine Farmer's judgment.

And indeed, Divine Farmer misjudged.

The 'bamboo pole' untied his bandage to wrap around the red crystal. Meanwhile, another Black Ship member's skill was used to replace the red crystal with the stone.

It was the brass man who dragged the bandage, and he had a unique secret technique that allowed him to increase his strength threefold in a short period of time.

Once he activated the technique, the brass man was powerful enough to fight against even an Eternal Realm master.

In truth, if Divine Farmer was on full alert, even the Black Ship members could have a difficult time taking Zen away.

But Divine Farmer had always been on guard against the Black Ship's captain. Because he didn't quite take these people seriously, they found their chance to take action.

Now, in Divine Farmer's towering rage, he swung his ruler, slashing it down. The broken space spread all the way toward the space flying ship.

Inside, the members of the Black Ship had just brought in the red crystal, while Shera was leaning against the crystal to observe.

Just then, a crack in the sky rapidly spread over, shocking everyone with the sight.

"He found us out so soon." Tomo's eyes were full of astonishment.

"An Eternal Realm master naturally has the ability mysterious to anyone else. Edith, just transfer to another space." Shera turned around and gave the order.

In the corner of the space ship sat a blue-skinned woman with long locks. Her Other Shore Token was passed to her by the Grandmaster of Heaven. It was the transparent flying ship docking in the void and happened to be the Invisible Ship in Stage Thirty-three of the Other Shore.

Theoretically, even an Eternal Realm master would find it difficult to find this ship—it wasn't one that could be easily sniffed out.

But the Black Ship people never expected Divine Farmer to make use of Usman's ability. Since the latter took control of the entire Separate Amber Province, everything there was in his view.

"Okay, Shera." Edith nodded.

She had a rather pitiful backgrou

ited to its name, Black Ship.

Before the captain was the huge shadow of Snake Goddess floating in the air. It had already stretched out its arms to envelop the entire ship, along with the captain.

And so the captain couldn't take action being directly confronted by the Snake Goddess.

"Snake Goddess, Divine Farmer has already attacked the Black Ship's members. With the strength of Divine Farmer, sooner or later, he'll be able to take Zen away. I don't think it's wise to fight me," the captain said.

It was Divine Farmer and the Black Ship members that fought over Zen, after all.

Regardless of who got the man, the result would be unacceptable to the Pear Hill.

"The Black Ship members may be only a group of Holy Soul Realm warriors, but they are not ordinary ones. Not long ago, it took only four of them to stop the Thunder Dimorphodon. No matter how powerful Divine Farmer is, the outcome will not be determined in such a short period of time." The Snake Goddess was shaking her head, highly confident in her own judgment.

"But what's the point of trapping me?" asked the captain again.

"It will be meaningful once Fuxi wins," responded the Snake Goddess calmly.

If Fuxi defeated Yellow Thearch, he'd have enough time and energy to fight for Zen. Whether or not there were other variables involved, she had to act accordingly.

In truth, at this point, the three forces were still testing each other—both the Snake Goddess and the captain were cautious, carefully trying to pick out each other's trump card.

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