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   Chapter 3852 Cooperation

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According to the Divine Farmer's plan, he must leave with the red crystal as quickly as possible. He must do this without any delay.

He thought that if the captain of the Black Ship tried to stop him, he would immediately release a space snake.

It was known that the space snakes were almost extinct within the Three Purities Stage. They naturally lived in the void. However, there were only three of them left now, one of which was in the possession of the Divine Farmer.

The space snake was given to the Divine Farmer as a gift. He received it from the Element Spirit race.

The space snake had a rare and useful ability. It could temporarily change the shape of the space channel. This was extremely helpful in times when the user wanted to make sure that no one else could enter the space channel.

The Divine Farmer figured that he would be able to escape with Zen as long as the captain of the Black Ship didn't break his space channel.

However, a problem occurred before he could even drag Zen into the space channel. The red crystal had already been contaminated by the Filthy Smoke. The expression on the Divine Farmer's face was indescribable. It looked frightening.

His strength was comparable to that of the Yellow Thearch. However, he preferred not getting into fights. He rarely fought whenever he was in the Source World.

"How dare you stop me?" Anger began to show in the Divine Farmer's eyes. He grabbed the red crystal with his left hand. Meanwhile, he held the Divine Farmer Ruler on his right. With that, he charged fearlessly towards Tomos.

Even though it was now facing an Eternal Realm master, Tomos maintained its composure.

As it saw the Divine Farmer approaching it at breakneck speed, Tomos immediately smoked its pipe.

Bang! A loud noise echoed through the space.

Before Tomos could blow the smoke out of its pipe, the Divine Farmer had already hacked at its head with the ruler.

A direct attack from an Eternal Realm master was more than enough to kill a Holy Soul Realm warrior.

As soon as the Divine Farmer slashed, he easily cracked and split Tomos' skull wide open. Its body appeared as though it had been seared by the scorching sun. In addition to that, it had no shape. There was only some sort of gray smoke under its skin.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As the gray smoke started to dissipate, it quickly formed a cage and effectively trapped the Divine Farmer inside it.

"You are truly extraordinary as an Eternal Realm master. I must admit that I have always admired you. However, I may have to offend you today."

The members of the Black Ship were a little different from other forces. It was in the sense that all of them were desperadoes. The moment they decided to join the Black Ship, they had already abandoned everything else. They didn't care whether they lived or died.

They didn't care about how powerful their opponen

remained lying on the ground and gasping for breath. At this very moment, a triangular frame suddenly appeared in his eyes. At once, his body seemed like it was being controlled by his eyes. His eyeballs bulged and lifted his upper body with force. At the same time, his head spun in a strange angle.

Cracking sounds could be heard as his head spun around. Obviously, his neck was broken.

However, he didn't feel any pain. He closed his eyes and fell to the ground once more. He quickly had regained his consciousness.

When he woke up, he had no idea what had happened. But the severe pain from his neck made him wince and curse.

He looked around him and a strange and different sight was transmitted to the Divine Farmer's mind.

At that moment, he appeared as though he was looking down at the whole Separate Amber Province. He was able to see everything within the province very clearly. He continued to scan through the horizon. Soon enough, he noticed something a hundred miles away from him.

He saw a space ship floating alone in the void. The members of the Black Ship were either sitting or leaning inside it. The red crystal that contained Zen was dragged by a bandage into the space ship.

All these times, the Divine Farmer thought that his opponent must be the captain of the Black Ship.

He wouldn't be so angry if it was the captain of the Black Ship that was able to take Zen away. But now that he knew it was merely a group of warriors at the Holy Soul Realm who managed to easily abduct Zen, he was utterly infuriated.

"You will pay for this with your lives!"

All of a sudden, the Divine Farmer's figure became huge. With this, the Divine Farmer Ruler also grew in length and size.

He took a mere step forward and was able to cross a hundred miles. The Divine Farmer Ruler in his hand slashed towards the void.

With the slash, the void collapsed. The space ship couldn't remain intact.

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