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   Chapter 3851 Tomos

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A hint of fear could be seen in Yellow Thearch's eyes.

Before the Snake Goddess made a move, they wouldn't know what the result would be.

"If the Black Ship wants to mess things up, then everything will change. We need to take action according to the situation," said Yellow Thearch.

He had hoped for things to be under control, but that was not what it was at the moment.


Yellow Thearch raised the sword in his hand, the golden light around it shining brightly.

This sword light seemed to follow a holy path. This sword strike seemed invincible and looked like it could destroy everything in the world.

"Will our choice be worth it?" Divine Farmer asked, worried. He was still uneasy about the developments

and thought it wrong to go against the Pear Hill.

"The gift of fate has already been marked with a price. Perhaps it's time for us to pay back," Yellow Thearch said, jumping up.

The golden light enveloped his sword. It looked like he was holding a torch and his own holy path.

The Eternal Realm masters like Yellow Thearch, Divine Farmer and Mahoney were shocked at the death of Emperor Charm. They were now doubting the path they had chosen.

But there was no point doubting themselves now. They were destined to not be able to get rid of the Element Spirit race. What was more, they had placed all their bets on the Element Spirit race a long time ago.

The Element Spirit race didn't extend their help and support for free, and it was now time for them to pay the price.


The golden light soared into the sky and then began to pour down.

It was as if someone had pierced through the sun with a sword and caused the flames to flow down the sun's body.

But that wasn't a flame. It was the holy way, a comprehension exclusive to Yellow Thearch.

"Good timing!"

Fuxi exclaimed, his face lighting up.

He trembled with excitement, not having met an opponent of this level in a long time.

The golden holy path poured down, an inexplicable aura surrounding it.

The weaker disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace bent down to kneel before the holy path.

It took a lot of energy even for powerful and strong-minded warriors like Libby to resist the aura.


A mark of Eight Diagrams suddenly appeared on the golden holy path.

Fuxi then threw a punch at this mark, a boom resounding through the people present.

Fuxi's punch smashed the invincible and overbearing-looking holy way into pi

ivine Farmer Ruler and turned into a green, thumb-sized hummingbird.

The hummingbird devoured the divine flames of the Sun Crow race on the surface of Divine Farmer's body, and then charged towards Elizabeth.

"Venomous Candle Hummingbird!" Elizabeth said knowingly.

She was experienced and knowledgeable, and knew that this theurgy of Divine Farmer was formidable.

If she didn't retreat now, this little hummingbird would definitely kill her.


Elizabeth loosened her grip and entered the space channel, simultaneously appearing at a spot thousands of feet away.

Her eyebrows furrowed in indignation.

The gap between her strength and Divine Farmer's was too great.

It was obvious that she was no match for him.

Divine Farmer was about to move away with the red crystal when a cloud of black smoke suddenly appeared on the surface of the red crystal.

The black smoke had a special characteristic that allowed it to drill into the red crystal.

"Is that the Filthy Smoke?"

Elizabeth was surprised to see the black smoke.

Anything that was tainted with the Filthy Smoke couldn't be transferred through space channels.

Half of Divine Farmer's body had already drilled into the space channel. He didn't know what was happening outside. When he grabbed the red crystal and tried to stuff it into the channel, he discovered that he couldn't do it.

He had no choice but to drill out of the space channel. On inspection, he found that an Ear Mouse was holding a cigarette pipe and blowing out black smoke.

It was none other than Tomos, the betrayer of the Ear Mouse race and a member of the Black Ship.

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