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   Chapter 3850 Challenge

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Usman hadn't fully grown up yet, so he was still much weaker than his previous self in the past.

Moreover, no one could tell how powerful a fully grown Usman would be.

The leaders of the super forces concluded that he could control the entire Source World in the future. He had so much potential that once he had fully grown up, no one would be on a par with him.

However, Usman's betrayal of the Black Ship gave them a severe headache back then. On the contrary, the other super forces were pleased since the Black Ship was notorious all over the Source World.

Still, Usman's unrestrained growth worried them. Therefore, they finally helped the Black Ship kill Usman.

The only thing was, Usman was already very strong even though he hadn't fully grown up yet.

Of course, Fuxi was much more powerful. He marked his opponent with the Eight Diagrams and left no space for him to dodge his punches.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thus, Usman got reduced to an immovable live target.

Now that he couldn't wield his invisible blade and kill, the disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace finally had a chance to breathe.

Some of the disciples floated in the air, while the others stayed on the ground as they all watched Fuxi beat Usman with the countless fist shadows he created. Adrenaline rushed through their veins at the thrilling sight.

They knew that Fuxi's ferocious attacks could crush even an Eternal Realm master into muddy flesh.

Yet, Usman remained unharmed. How was that possible?

The young disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace didn't understand it, but the powerful masters figured out why.

As soon as Usman had arrived in the Separate Amber Province, his real presence fused with the whole land. Thus, all the damage he suffered went to the ground.

For instance, every punch Fuxi threw at him created a large hole on the once indestructible boundary wall of the Separate Amber Province.

That boundary wall surrounded the entire province. Although it was sturdy and extensive, it would collapse anytime soon because of the large holes that continually appeared on it.

Yet, Usman still couldn't transfer the damage he bore at his own will. After all, he was only an incarnation of resentment in the Source World. Once the boundary wall completely collapsed, he would undoubtedly die.

That was how the last Usman died in the past.

Back then, it was a large province twelve times bigger than the current province, but a powerful Other Shore Token had trapped the last Usman in the center of the pr

demand the respect he enjoyed from all the humans.

On the other hand, the Bearing race's influence hugely increased over the years because they had allied with other races. Still, Yellow Thearch's real strength was a secret to outsiders. There were even rumors that he was mightier than Fuxi.

Yellow Thearch spread out his hand in the air, and a crack appeared in his palm. Blood gushed out from the crack and quickly formed a simple three-foot-long sword.

It was his lifeblood treasure, the Yellow Thearch Sword, which came from his root-level bloodline.

Even though Yellow Thearch and Fuxi belonged to different super forces, they had dealt with each other for countless years.

Yellow Thearch knew what kind of person Fuxi was. He was the type that once he had chosen a path, he never showed mercy to anyone who dared hinder him.

That was why Yellow Thearch would certainly fight him with all his strength.

"I'll hold Fuxi back. Mahoney, you should go and block the Black Ship. Divine Farmer, you're responsible for taking Zen away," Yellow Thearch said through his life vitality.

Before he set out, he had set other goals, including killing Eastern Emperor Taiyi and Yasamin.

But since the three forces confronted each other now, the situation became too complicated.

As a result, Yellow Thearch began to feel uncertain due to pressure from the battle. "What about the Snake Goddess?" Mahoney asked.

Everyone was afraid of Fuxi's formidable fighting ability, but what they feared more was the wisdom of the Snake Goddess.

When they realized that the Snake Goddess still hadn't shown herself, all the Eternal Realm warriors further increased their guard.

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