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   Chapter 3849 Fists

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Although the members of the Oneness Sky Palace were transported efficiently and swiftly, it was still a mammoth project.

In fact, when the seven huge flying ships flew west, there were informants constantly cascading the information to the Black Ship and the Bearing race.

The Bearing race and the Black Ship had received instructions from the Element Spirit race and the Nihility race respectively. Their goal was clear, and they intended to gain control over Zen at any cost.

At the same time, in the Grand Plain Stage, Pearce also appealed to the Pear Hill for help.

In fact, as the Oneness Sky Palace members arrived at the Prime North Province, the three forces, including the Pear Hill, the Bearing race, and the Black Ship, had all appeared, and they were intrigued by the discovery of each other's existence.

However, for the time being, the Pear Hill was not in a hurry, while Yellow Thearch and the captain of the Black Ship were both growing anxious.

Of course, they didn't intend for the flying ships of the Oneness Sky Palace to enter the safety of the Pear Hill's territory. However, Yellow Thearch and the captain were both shrewd warriors, and neither of them were willing to make the initial move.

Everyone wanted to win out and reach the top, but they didn't want to take any action to do so.

The captain was a man of calm demeanor. He trailed behind the flying ships, slowly following through the skies with the fleet of the Black Ship.

However, the members of the Bearing race were the first to no longer be able to contain their anxiety.

Yellow Thearch didn't want to make the first move, so he released Usman to intercept them in the Separate Amber Province.

As for Yellow Thearch, Divine Farmer, and Mahoney, they were on standby in their flying ships.

If Usman kept launching successful attacks and killing many warriors like this, it would be the turn of the Pear Hill to get anxiety.

Therefore, the captain was fairly confident that Fuxi would take action before him.

"Shera, what is on your mind?" asked the captain.

Shera was sitting by the railing of the ship, and her pair of smooth, white and long legs were hanging in the air. The black hemline of her dress fluttered in the breeze, and there was a tired look in her eyes.

She kept a watchful eye on Usman, noting the blades moving from all directions and forming disorderly lines.

"Are you still infatuated with Usman?" the "bamboo pole" wrapped with bandage asked. Everyone was aware at that time that Shera had a crush on Usman.

Shera shrugged and said indifferently, "This Usman is merely an in

f him. This man's unique temperament and aura left Usman feeling a little uneasy.

From the moment of his birth, Usman had never feared anyone. It could even be said that he had no knowledge of what fear was.

Even in the face of Yellow Thearch, he remained unafraid.

However, this black haired man before him filled him with trepidation.

"Did you think no one can defeat you?" Fuxi glared balefully at Usman.

"Just you..."

However, as Usman was about to speak, a mark of Eight Diagrams appeared on his face.


Even an Eternal Realm warrior would have faced death if this punch had landed on their face.

However, since Usman was formed by the resentment of the Source World, he had been integrated into the world.

Although he was still quite weak, he could easily control a province!

The power of the blow had completely been transferred to the boundary wall by him...

"Boom!" "Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack..."

In the distance, another large hole appeared in the boundary wall, accompanied by a web of cracks. This was the damage inflicted by Fuxi's punch.

"Can you keep transferring the power infinitely?" Fuxi asked.

"Humph!" Usman snorted in derision.

"When I completely smash the boundary wall of the Separate Amber Province, I'll see if you can still grin and hold on then," Fuxi threatened, clenching his fists again.

At the same time, many Eight Diagrams patterns appeared all over Usman's body, covering his face, chest, legs, abdomen...

"What are you planning to do?" There was a hint of fear glimmering in Usman's eyes.

"Beat you!"

As soon as Fuxi had spoken, his fists began swinging towards Usman, instantly creating countless fist shadows, all of which landed on Usman's body.

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