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   Chapter 3848 High In The Sky

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The invisible space blade, after cutting open the huge flying ship, continued to expand in all directions.

High up in the sky, a group of tiger-headed wild geese were flying in a herringbone formation. The one in the middle suddenly let out an almighty screech before splitting into two.

The other wild geese were confused as they roared and scattered in all directions.

A straight, neat crack had appeared on the ground beneath the flying ship, extending all the way from north to south till it had reached the boundary walls on both sides of the Separate Amber Province.

This space blade had cut through a great number of plants and creatures along the way.

The bottom of the flying ship was made of one whole floating stone, which was why it didn't fall even when it was cut into two.

However, the three red crystals stored in the flying ship were now exposed.

Elvinia, and Flamine were still beside the red crystals. Their faces darkened as they looked up at the flying ship. They had only heard a muffled sound before everything had changed.

The dazzling light from the red crystals in the sun attracted Usman's attention. He stared at the corporeal bodies in the red crystals, a contemptuous smile on his face.

This had been too easy.

The Oneness Sky Palace didn't even have a member at the Eternal Realm. All of their members were good for nothing. How could it be called a super force?

With such thoughts in his mind, he turned and shot an arm out at the red crystals.

"Mom," Elvinia called worriedly.

"Step back. I won't let him pass," ordered Flamine.

Traces of the divine fire of the Sun Crow race spread along her skin. She was about to take a fighting stance.

"But can you stop him by yourself?" Elvinia didn't think Flamine could stop the black haired young man.

"She is not alone!"

Dozens of figures began to float towards them from the end of the cabin. The voice belonged to Elizabeth, who was leading these members of the Sun Crow race. Their wings looked like flags rising up into the air.

The members of the Holy Soul Realm of the Sun Crow race went along when the Oneness Sky Palace had begun to migrate.

But the Sun Crow race preferred to stay out of the limelight. Th

the red crystal.

In the sky, at a height of about three million feet, several small black dots floated in the air.

If one were to move closer, they would find that these black dots were actually black ships.

When the Yellow Thearch had received the order of the Element Spirit race, he had known that this trip wouldn't be easy.

The dilapidated Oneness Sky Palace was not within the scope of his plan, and there had been no need for the Bearing race, the Divine Farmer race, and the New Moon race to dispatch all their powerful warriors to deal with it. But he knew that he had to face a more troublesome opponent.

Twelve people stood on the black ships in the sky.

There usually were exactly thirteen people in the Black Ship. But today, the last position was reserved for the Evil God. Now that he had been rebuilt and kept on the Other Shore, he wouldn't be able to get out before he descended. Therefore, the thirteenth position was vacant.

"I think the guy down there is Usman," Tomos, the Ear Mouse, remarked sharply.

"He has come back to life too soon! I really want to go down and crush him into pieces. Captain, when can we take action?" The brass man had never liked Usman.

The captain's voice sounded from deep within his black cloak, "No hurry. Everyone hasn't arrived yet. It's too disadvantageous for us to fight now."

"How long do we have to wait?" the brass man asked again.

"Until Fuxi can't restrain himself any longer," the captain replied.

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