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   Chapter 3847 Cut The Ship

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Atop the enormous flying ships stood all the mighty Holy Soul Realm warriors of the Oneness Sky Palace.

They all felt desperate and miserable when they realized that Yellow Thearch had personally come.

Pearce, Auden, and the others, in particular, were immensely shocked and upset.

This time, three flying ships came over. The words "Bearing race" were engraved on the ship in the middle, the words "Divine Farmer race" were engraved on the ship at the left, and the words "New Moon race" were engraved on the ship at the right. It was likely that both Divine Farmer and Mahoney had come.

At that moment, Yellow Thearch looked down at the flying ships below. He shook his long sleeve and said, "Go ahead. I know you can't wait."

A thin figure popped out from behind him. He was the black-haired teenager, Usman.

A hint of madness flashed in his eyes. As soon as he jumped off, he rushed towards a gigantic flying ship like an arrow.

"I'm going to tear this ship apart!"

For some reason, he looked oddly excited, and his heart hammered in his chest.

Although he could previously kill people at will, those he had fought before were people the Ji Clan had selected. Once they fought to a certain extent, they were forced to fall asleep, and Usman felt that it wasn't exciting at all.

Now, he finally had the chance to kill on his own accord.

He flew directly towards the giant flying ship and sensed a large number of people's breaths in it. To tear the flying ship apart was naturally the most efficient way to kill them.

"How dare you!" Pearce screamed.

His face darkened, and he froze as if the frost had enveloped him.

Then, his right hand shook violently, and a handful of blood mist gushed out of his right arm. The blood mist condensed quickly and turned into a long sword.

"God-detaining Sword! Go to hell!"


The sword moved so swiftly in zigzag motions, and then it slashed at Usman's front.


There seemed to be only the giant flying ship in Usman's eyes. As Pearce went all-out with his sword attack, he did not dodge. Instead, he withstood the strike with his physical body.

The powerful sword radiance left a mark on Usman's body, but the mark only lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared.

"This young man isn't at the Chaotic Source Realm.

But he can withstand my full blow!

How is that possible?" said Pearce.

He couldn't believe his eyes!

If Usman was at the Chaotic Source Realm, then it was understandable that he could blo

one's feet. The next moment, Usman appeared in the cabin.

He stroked his chin and gazed at Libby with a playful smile. Then he mused, "I won't kill you yet. I'll tear down this ship first and then play with you..."

"How dare you!"

Even in the face of an invincible opponent, Libby wasn't afraid at all. She had always focused on cultivating the sword skill as a diligent disciple of the Oneness Sky Palace. She had done her best to improve, and little by little became so powerful.

After that, a long sword followed behind Usman like a shadow.

"Clatter, clatter, clatter..."

Libby's sword radiance continuously struck Usman like flowing water.

In turn, Usman withstood all her attacks with his physical body and kept retreating at the same time.

As he retreated, however, he repeatedly flipped his hands and made all sorts of strange patterns. Every time he launched a palm strike, it left a weird print in the air.

He retreated from the left side of the cabin to the right side, and Libby slashed him about forty times.

She still used her full strength for each sword strike, but she couldn't hurt Usman.

"Have you finished attacking me? If you're done doing that, get out of the way. This route is very dangerous!" Usman warned.

He made a gesture and pointed towards the route where he had retreated.

Once he finished speaking, he twisted his hands and formed a pattern. Then, the prints he left along the way lit up, and a large blade appeared.

The blade the space had formed immediately spread out.


Everything happened so quickly. It was as if an invisible blade moved past and cut the flying ship in two with a crisp sound.

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