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   Chapter 3846 The Boundary Wall

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The report had all the Oneness Sky Palace warriors confused.

"Did you use the wrong Sanskrit word?" Auden asked.

The man shook his head and affirmatively said, "It's impossible. I've checked it carefully and confirmed that the Sanskrit word on the flying ship is correct."

"Could it be that someone made a mistake when recording the Sanskrit word before?" Pearce guessed.


As the space fluctuated, Winchell's figure appeared before everyone's eyes. His face seemed serious as he said, "It's impossible. Even if there is something wrong with the flying ship of the Oneness Mountain, there couldn't be something wrong with the ship of the Origin Mountain at the same time. And even if something is wrong with both mountains, what about the flying ship of the Golden Mountain?"

Both the Origin Mountain and the Golden Mountain had just made an attempt, but the two flying ships were blocked outside the boundary wall.

"Why is this happening?" A strong warrior from the Oneness Sky Palace asked.

"There's only one possibility," Winchell said, raising his dashing eyebrows. "Someone modified the Sanskrit word on the boundary wall."

"How is that possible?"

"But that's the boundary wall..."

"I've never heard of anyone who can actually modify it!"

The wall served as the dividing line between the two provinces—a unique product of the Source World.

The ordinary mortals and even many of the True Gods didn't have the ability to cross through several provinces. But such a task was a piece of cake for the powerful warriors of various large races. A long time ago, they had already gathered all the Sanskrit words within all the boundary walls of the Source World.

To visit a particular province, one only needed to show the corresponding Sanskrit word.

"I'll go and have a look!"

As soon as Pearce finished speaking, his figure disappeared from where he stood. The next moment, he appeared before the boundary wall.

Stretching out his hand, he gently punched it, releasing a Sanskrit word corresponding to the one that had already appeared on the boundary wall.


The two words failed to react to each other, and no passageway appeared on the boundary wall.

Meanwhile, Auden, Athemar, Goran, and the rest also moved over. But Pearce's failed attempt made all their faces fall grim.

They believed that something must b

Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Yasamin, and Zen.

This area was heavily guarded. Under the enchanted barrier's protection, not even a mosquito could get in and out.

After leaving the Soul City, Elvinia found that her mother had taken her on the flying ship. Knowing that both Zen and the Oneness Sky Palace were in great danger, she wasn't in the mood to receive any training in the Soul City, even though she wasn't far from reaching the Holy Soul Realm.

"If only Zen could wake up in advance..."

Across the red crystal, Elvinia could see Zen's peaceful face—it was like he was merely asleep.

"Why don't you say if only your father could wake up?" Flamine said with a smile.

After a moment of thought, Elvinia bluntly said, "Even if Father wakes up, he might not be able to protect the Oneness Sky Palace, but Zen can."

As Eastern Emperor Taiyi's daughter, she had gone too far by saying such words. After all, Eastern Emperor Taiyi was taking charge of the Oneness Sky Palace.

But what she said was true—with how the situation was turning out, the Oneness Sky Palace couldn't get out of trouble merely by relying on Yasamin and Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

Flamine could see right through her daughter, but she just smiled helplessly in return. Before she could respond, she and Elvinia both felt a vast, strong aura from outside the flying ship.

Concerned, Flamine stretched out her hand and hit the air. The scene outside the flying ship appeared on the surface of the crystal wall nearby.

The moment they saw the Bearing race's flying ship, their faces turned grim.

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