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   Chapter 3845 No Passing

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Most of the creatures from the chaos believed that the Instant Civilization created the chaos upon their existence.

However, as it was always a mystery of the Instant Civilization's existence, it left few clues behind.

Even there was some, they had been completely concealed by the Element Spirit Civilization when they first appeared in the chaos.

Upon hearing about the so-called Four Spirits Sect, Ziya was surprised, "What's the story of the human spirit? Tell me. I want all the details."

Ziya's sudden intrigue startled the little creature. "I... I don't know much, but I can say that the strongest Celestial Warriors in the Dream World would be favored by the Four Spirits Sect because they were quite outstanding and more than qualified to merge with stronger bloodlines..."

"Stronger bloodlines..." Ziya murmured to himself as he thought for a moment. "Had the Celestial Warriors you mentioned entered the Eternal Scroll Painting too?"

As he heard this, Geoffrey already understood that the Celestial Warrior should be corresponding to no other than the Eternal Warrior at the Eternal Realm.

"Eternal Scroll Painting?" the creature said as he shook his head. "I'm not sure what that is, but in order to become a Celestial Warrior, one has to enter the Celestial Painting. Only the most powerful Celestial Warrior can meet those from the Four Spirits Sect through the Celestial Painting. If I'm not mistaken, the four spirits of the Four Spirits Sect are human spirit, monkey spirit, snake spirit and bird spirit."

To become a Celestial Warrior had always been the creature's dream, so he was very knowledgeable about these things from continuous research and dedication.

"Master Ziya, the Four Spirits Sect is likely to be the Instant Civilization, right?" Geoffrey asked from where he stood.

Ziya nodded in response. "Yes, but it seems that this world is a little different from our chaos. Why did the Four Spirits Sect choose to meet the creatures of this world but continuously hid themselves from the creatures of the chaos?"

Geoffrey was very intelligent. Even if he had never been to the Other Shore, he could understand things through mere explanation. "There are two possibilities. It can be that the passage from the Abstruse Energy World to the chaos was broken, so the people of the Four Spirits Sect couldn't come. It could also be that the world of poisonous mist existed much earlier than the chaos, and later the people of the Four Spirits Sect di

they failed to go unnoticed due to their large size and fast speed. They produced a strong wind pressure, as if they had plowed the ground where they passed.

"Master Pearce, would it be too cautious for us to make a detour?" one of the masters from the Oneness Mountain asked.

They would reach the Pear Hill soon if they headed west directly. As long as they entered the Pear Hill, they would be safe there.

In the Source World, it was known that if any super force attempted to hurt the Pear Hill, they had to be one hundred percent sure of the consequences.

However, Pearce decided to change their route and make a detour, which prolonged their journey to the Pear Hill.

"We have to be cautious," Pearce replied.

During these days, Pearce had always been tense and restless.

In fact, he had reacted very quickly. The moment the Eternal Scroll Painting closed, he summoned the masters of seven mountains to start the migration. He also remembered to inform the Pear Hill and make a detour on the way...

For some unknown reasons, he couldn't help but still be worried. His nerves had reached almost their limit.


"Master Pearce, we have successfully arrived at the boundary wall of the Separate Amber Province," a member reported.

There were always unshakeable boundary walls in between provinces. In order to enter them, one had to use the Sanskrit word that matched the one on the boundary wall to open the passageway.

"Just pass it. Why are you even reporting this?" Pearce asked with a frown.

"The Sanskrit words can't match, so the passageway cannot be opened. We cannot pass through," the man responded hastily.

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