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   Chapter 3844 The Four Spirits Sect

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The short creature walked towards Ziya in wobbly little steps. His fearful, vigilant gaze never strayed from the two of them.

They could also sense many similar gazes falling on them from those buildings. Apparently, many similar creatures were watching them from the dark. But there was nothing strange about this. After all, they were strangers here and aliens to them.

The short creatures could feel that Ziya was powerful. Their guts even told them that he could exterminate all the creatures on the island with just one finger if he desired it.

"Gulu... Master... Welcome...What...What can I do for you?"

This race had its own language, but when this short creature realized that neither Ziya nor Geoffrey could understand their language, he started to speak in human language.

A trace of surprise appeared on Ziya's eyes.

He'd long known that the human language commonly used on the Other Shore wasn't created by the 77th civilization. Nevertheless, this place was another world, and it was still unknown whether or not there were humans in this world.

"Master, it's been ages since I last spoke in the common language. Please forgive me if you can't understand what I say..." said the short creature. He saw that Ziya was in a daze, so he thought that Ziya couldn't understand what he said.

"Where did you learn to speak the common language?" Ziya asked.

"The common language... is a very old language. Once upon a time, all creatures in the Dream World spoke in this language," the short creature said. A longing expression emerged on his face as he recalled that prosperous era. "Now, I'm the only one in the tribe who knows it."

The short creature's hair was sparse, and his skin was crumpled. He had lived on the Other Shore for a rather long time.

"The Dream World he referred to should be about the same as our Other Shore, right?" Geoffrey asked.

"I think so." Ziya nodded and then asked, "What happened to the Dream World? Why did it become like this?"

Ziya's question made the originally gentle and cowardly short creature show an aggrieved, indignant expression on his face.

This short-statured creature was of the Dark Fiend race, a race that had once occupied a dominant position in the Dream World.

The Dream World was a very huge annular world with fifteen rings from the outside to the inside. The stronger a race was, the more qualified they were

ausing the buildings on the island to shake from the noise.

"There are many poisonous animals and plants in that world. Aren't you guys afraid?" Geoffrey asked.

The short creature turned around and faced them once more, saying proudly, "Those poisonous animals and plants are just creatures without any intelligence—the growth of their strength will always be limited. Besides, our Dark Fiend race isn't a weak race."

Thus, Ziya started to shuttle back and forth between the two islands. The pure energy flow between the islands wasn't at all a trifle, so Ziya had to be extremely careful when he was escorting the Dark Fiend race to the other island.

It took Ziya two whole days to send all the members of the Dark Fiend race over.

At this moment, all members of the Dark Fiend race were going all-out in sucking the poisonous mist. Geoffrey could only shake his head to see their intoxicated looks.

Now that he had fulfilled his promise, Ziya said to Geoffrey, "Let's go. There's nothing else here."

A world of deathly stillness indeed wasn't of much value—at least, not according to Ziya.

"Wait," the short creature called out. "There's one more thing that I think you should know."

"What's the matter?" Ziya asked.

"Before the Dream World was destroyed, the elders of our race secretly mentioned some things to us. I heard that the Dream World was built by the Four Spirits Sect, and the human spirit in the sect looked exactly like you," the short creature said.

"The Four Spirits Sect..."

Ziya and Geoffrey looked at each other. Shock once again swept over them.

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