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   Chapter 3843 Investigation

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Geoffrey's words put into the light the current situation of this world to Ziya.

When a round of chaos ended, a destructive power would eliminate everything in the entire world.

After that, if no new intelligent lives managed to be birthed, then the world would exist as nothing more than a shell.

Ziya nodded. "You're right. Maybe the Purge Way and the Nihility Way also existed in this world and the ones who believed in the latter dominated everyone and destroyed everything. Or maybe the Purge Way won. They limited the number of creatures in a very small range and hid themselves somewhere in these caves."

This world was infinitely vast and trying to locate that small number of creatures was even more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

Either way, they knew the Finale Way in this world had failed.

"Is there also an Other Shore in this world?" Geoffrey asked. Ziya couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at Geoffrey's question.

"It's possible. Why not come with me to see if there is one!"

Since the three thousand Godly Ways worked in this world then the Truths of Godly Ways must be the same since they were derived from the Instant Civilization, a far more superior civilization from the Abstruse Energy World.

They should be more universal than the Ways-blending Energy.

Geoffrey had completely mastered the Truth of Cultivation Nature under the Regal Jade Spirit's guidance, however, Zen never allowed him to leave his inner world. He still hadn't even gotten the chance to enter the Sea of Truth, yet here was Ziya inviting him to explore the Other Shore of this strange world.


In a flash, Ziya sat cross-legged in the air and clapped four consecutive times in all directions. Four palm shadows appeared around him that held faint sword shadows. These sword shadows slowly rotated around him and Geoffrey protectively.

This world seemed devoid of all lives but it was never unwise to carry a bit of protection.

The two of them then began to recite the Truths of Godly Ways and tried to enter the Other Shore.

Slowly, the yellow, poisonous mist around the area headed towards them. Soon enough, the two of them were surrounded by it.

A trace of curiosity appeared on Ziya's face. "Can the Truths of Godly Ways attract the poisonous mist?"

Back when they cultivated the Truths of Godly Ways in the chaos, they never attracted chaotic energy like this. Then again, this world was vastly different from the chaos.

As the two of them continued to recite, the whole world began to spin around t

e also stayed in the Deleting Space for a long time which led to the exponential growth of his power. He ranked at the very top when it came to strength. These currents would not harm him one bit.


As they flew into the void, they got closer and closer towards the floating remnant the size of a small island.

Soon enough, the two of them arrived.

The sight that awaited them caught Geoffrey by surprise. "There are so many houses here!" he exclaimed.

The buildings were small and low, only around the height of Geoffrey's waist. These tiny buildings densely covered the island to the point that the two newcomers couldn't figure out where to set their feet on.

"Show yourselves!" Ziya suddenly shouted.

He was no fool.

The moment they landed, he was able to sense the existence of numerous Other Shore creatures that hid underneath these buildings.

Their arrival had scared these creatures which led them to hide in the caves that were underneath each structure.

Geoffrey couldn't help but sigh helplessly. "Master Ziya, you shouldn't scare them..."

They were strangers and Ziya's attitude wasn't helping them gain these creatures' trust.

"Don't worry, we don't mean you any harm. We just want to investigate something and hope to communicate with you," Geoffrey explained in a calm, sincere tone.

Perhaps his friendliness worked as a rustling sound came from one of the buildings. Soon enough, a short, furry creature emerged. He looked quite strange especially with that transparent poison sac filled with bright yellow venom on top of his head.

It seemed that all the creatures in this world, whether intelligent or not, were related to poison in some way.

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