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   Chapter 3842 The World Within The Window

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This window was much different from the one Ziya had opened. It was large enough in size to be considered as a door.

Geoffrey had a strong sense of awareness about the limits of his strength. Even if he cultivated under the watchful guidance of Ziya, it was still too risky for him to explore the unknown Abstruse Energy World without the protection of the Chaotic Source Spirits and the support of the Other Shore Tokens.

Geoffrey voluntarily decided to retreat. The fear of the unknown of what might lie on the other side of the window prevented him from crossing it.

After Geoffrey returned to Ziya and debriefed him about what he discovered, it piqued his interest.

In the past, Ziya had explored a small portion of the vast Abstruse Energy World. Based on all his findings, he had made a conclusion about it. He suspected the existence of other secondary worlds within the boundaries of the Abstruse Energy World.

However, there was nowhere to prove Ziya's statement right as he had only scratched the surface when he explored it. The range he could travel in was quite limited back then. He was only able to explore the nearby areas due to the fear of losing the lifeline that was tied to him. If it were to be cut off, the chances of him ever returning would be lost with it.

But after he was joined by Geoffrey, the range of his activities expanded to a higher degree than before. The only remaining issue was encountering the tentacle monsters on the grassland.

The tentacle monsters weren't that strong, and they weren't dominant in numbers either. If Ziya could move freely in the Abstruse Energy World, he would obliterate them without breaking a sweat. The only thing holding him back was the fact that he had no fighting ability when he stepped into the boundaries of the Abstruse Energy World.

"I think we can capture those tentacle monsters in the cave if we fish them out," Geoffrey suggested after studying the situation.

"Fishing? That's a great idea!" Ziya exclaimed with excitement as he clasped his hands together.

The days that followed, Geoffrey worked closely with Ziya to put their plan into action. They pulled long ropes into the grassland and tied live cattle and pigs at the ends to act as bait. Ziya created this livestock using the Truth of Three Energy Construction for the specific purpose of using them to reel in the monsters. They didn't possess much intelligence and were rather docile since they didn't even resist while being sent into the Abstruse Energy World.

Soon after the traps were set, one after the other, the tentacle monsters were tempted by the livestock and ended up getting fished out and killed by Ziya. He was quite a talented fisherman.

Even though they weren't mighty creatures, the tentacle monsters were smart enough to quickly catch on with what was going on. When they noticed their kind disappearing one after the other, they stopped taking the bait. However, Ziya had other tricks up his sleeve. He quickly replaced the old livestock lure with a more tempting and delicious one, which made it hard to resist not taking a bite. It quickly worked as the tentacle monsters began to munch on it and were later captured.

Watching the situation unfold, the last remaining tentacle monsters realized they were a

d collapsed under pressure. After the passing of one or ten billion years, everything would eventually be reduced to nothing but soil.

However, this place was quite different. Ziya had sensed life force coming from those volcano craters. He instantly pinned them to be living creatures.

As soon as the two of them made their way to the ground, they noticed a fountain of yellow poisonous mist spurt out uncontrollably from a volcano crater within close proximity. As if on cue, brownish-yellow four-legged snakes slithered their way out of the mist and dashed towards them intending to kill.

These four-legged snakes appeared to be quite hostile with a malicious aura surrounding them. Their backs were covered in dense yellow poison sacs. Their fearful appearance made Geoffrey feel intimidated by them as he subconsciously froze in place.

With a click of his tongue, Ziya expressed his disappointment as he shook his head and said, "Don't be scared. They're low-level creatures who lack intelligence."

As he spoke, he stretched out a hand and pressed it in the air. Long swords appeared out of nowhere and nailed these four-legged snakes down to the ground, killing them instantly.

"I can't believe there's no intelligent creatures in this world. We need to keep looking for them!"

Ziya fell in utter dismay as to what might have happened to this world.

However, if there existed any Other Shore Realm or Eternal Realm masters, they might have left some traces in this world to vouch for their existence.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Ziya used the Grand Teleportation technique over and over again.

After countless attempts, Geoffrey suddenly reminded him, "Master Ziya, if the Finale Way also existed in this world and it already failed, then no intelligent creatures would exist after that. Am I right?"

Hearing Geoffrey's words, Ziya stopped during the course of his action of using the Grand Teleportation technique and was stunned into silence.

When every round of chaos came to an end, everything in the world would be eliminated, leaving no traces of lives whatsoever.

Could it be that this world had been completely destroyed after the Finale Way failed?

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