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   Chapter 3841 Window

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The bronze statues on the four pillars silently watched all of this.

Their eyes shifted, as if they were looking at a dead person.

The ancestry-level bloodline was by no means something that ordinary people could touch. The bronze statues were sure that Zen was courting death.

The word 'ancestry' was very easy to understand. The mass of blood in the sacred cup was ancestral to all bloodlines.

Only the strongest were qualified enough to tame the ancestry-level bloodline and find their own path that suited them.

That was why the abilities that the ancestry-level bloodline could display weren't fixed. Everyone who successfully fused with the ancestry-level bloodline would obtain a unique power.

They stood together at the source of all bloodlines, and then chose a direction and opened up a path.

Four of the directions were widely known. These were the four origin-level bloodlines in the lower layer. These bloodlines had been born from the ancestry-level bloodline.


A huge circle appeared around the cup and short light columns emerged from within, creating a symmetrical map.

A grand ceremony was held when a warrior began fusing with the ancestry-level bloodline in the Eternal Divine Courtyard.

Here, the strongest warriors in all the worlds would prostrate themselves around the square and become devout believers.

This revelry was sometimes like a ceremony to be held before executions. And since most creatures entering the sacred cup couldn't escape death, what followed the ceremony was usually death rather than success.

"The map has appeared."

The bronze human was looking at the circle of light outside the cup.

When the people in the cup began to merge with the bloodline, light columns would rise from the bottom of the cup. There were a total of three hundred and seventy-three light columns, and each of them represented a possible ability of the ancestry-level bloodline. This was the bloodline map.

The bloodline map formed by the three hundred and seventy-three light columns had a number of changes, extending to the infinite. This meant that the ancestry-level bloodline had an infinite number of abilities. Even the bronze statues hadn't completely understood the bloodline map. They had roughly classified the abilities of the bloodline into four categories.

If there were more light columns on the upper left, it meant that the ability of the fused ancestry-level bloodline would be more about creation. If there were more light columns on the upper right side, it would be about space and time. If there were more light columns on the lower left side, i

ond kind of blood power was from a Chaos Ancient God. The six great bloodlines of the Chaos Ancient Gods were not at the source level, but were directly derived from the truth in the chaos. However, they were on par with the bloodlines at the root level. This was why there was one long and one short light columns with the life attribute extending from the bottom of the sacred cup.

In this absolute darkness, Zen watched as specks of light appeared in the distance.

Zen had lost his vision, and his five senses were numb. He didn't know what form of existence he was now.

But when he noticed these dots of light, he had a faint feeling that they were related to each other and formed the image of a mountain.

He wanted to reach out, but couldn't. He wanted to sense what they were, but there was no way he could use his senses.

What were they showing him?

The mystery of the Abstruse Energy World? Or was this some kind of a special test?

In the Abstruse Energy World...

Some light dots floated, the result of the combination showing that a creature was moving.

This creature was none other than Geoffrey.

There was a rope around Geoffrey's waist, and behind him was Ziya, who held the other end of the rope.

It looked like Geoffrey was dragging a blind person forward.

Once they had entered the Abstruse Energy World, Geoffrey was unable to communicate with Ziya.

This was not Geoffrey's fault, because Ziya could neither hear the voice nor speak.

In his last exploration, Geoffrey had already crossed the grassland and seen a mountain which was beyond description. He climbed up the mountain out of curiosity and surprisingly found a window, similar to the one that Ziya had broken through from within the chaos.

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