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   Chapter 3840 The Blood In The Cup

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When the bronze monkey was halfway to Zen, the bronze human on the other side caught hold of him and pulled him back.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The footsteps thundered loudly on the bronze square.

Incensed, the bronze monkey asked, "Why did you stop me?"

"This era no longer belongs to us. This place has been abandoned since ages ago and there's no need for us to guard it anymore," the bronze human said.

The bronze bird and snake stopped short at these words. What was the point of them following the old rules?

"I don't care. All I know is that outsiders are not allowed to step in here!"

The bronze monkey's flexible body allowed him to shake off the bronze human's grip and break free. He charged towards Zen but skidded to a halt at the bronze human's next words.

"What if he is not an outsider?

This place is sealed by the Time Lock. It would be impossible for any outsider to enter the Eternal Divine Courtyard.

Do you think he has the ability to break the Time Lock and force his way in?"

"I'm not sure,"

the bronze monkey said hesitantly.

"We can first check if he is qualified. Even if he isn't, we can let him try," the bronze human said.

They knew that this place was abandoned but were still faithfully fulfilling their duties.

A vast majority of the people who entered the Eternal Divine Courtyard could only obtain the source-level bloodlines that were at the bottom, while a few could obtain the root-level bloodlines. Very few could take away one of the four origin-level bloodlines.

The warriors who could enter this bronze square were all top existences in their respective worlds.

But even they often failed. It was considered lucky even if two out of ten people could succeed.

There were hardly any people who could obtain the ancestry-level bloodline. People from these worlds were not qualified, which was why they took it for granted that this human who had suddenly appeared wasn't qualified either.

The bronze monkey hesitated for a moment and then gathered his wits before saying, "Are you out of your mind? Who else is qualified aside from them? Killing him is the right thing!"

Zen's attention snapped back into vigilance as the bronze monkey spoke.

The Heaven

rl had given him a unique ability, enabling him to walk freely within the Eternal Scroll Painting.

But he did not have anything special to rely on here, especially since obtaining the ancestry-level bloodline was more than the fox girl had expected of him. He was unsure about whether or not he could succeed.

Zen followed this path and came upon the huge cup.


As Zen approached the cup, the lights rose inch by inch and formed a staircase that finally reached the rim of the cup.

Zen walked up the stairs and as he reached the peak, he saw everything that was in the cup.

The cup was filled with a thick, crimson liquid that seemed to be in a constant state of motion.

As the liquid flowed, deep cracks, irregular like the teeth of a monster, appeared from time to time.

The liquid in this cup began to react the moment Zen stepped on the stairs. A chasm seemed to appear at the center of the liquid, expanding rapidly and turning into a monster with its large mouth wide open.

Zen hesitated as he stood on the steps before walking forward into the big bloody mouth.

The thick blood wrapped around Zen the moment it touched his body. From the outside, it looked like he was wearing a well-fitting blood robe. .

A few seconds later, countless tiny bubbles appeared on the surface of the blood robe, making it look like the blood was boiling.

The blood robe began to shrink rapidly, a large amount of thick blood beginning to merge with Zen in the process.

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