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   Chapter 3838 The Eternal Divine Courtyard

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After a brief exchange with Zen, the human face in the cube let out a cry brimming with agony.

The face switched colors between fiery red with frustration to pale white, and then again from pale white to red.

"Pro...promise me..." He continued to sing, his voice soft and filled with grief. It was as if he was desperately holding on to every ounce of sincerity left within his existence through the painful song.

Zen felt a strange empathy take over him as he felt his emotions scatter all over the place through the song. Only those who desperately awaited the sweet release of death would display such sentiments.

"Alright, I promise." Zen gave a slight nod then looked up in his direction. "But you have to tell me the situation here first."

The people who resided in the chaos were left in the dark when it came to the Abstruse Energy World; they knew little to nothing about it.

However, it wasn't as if they had no interest in exploring the world beyond their boundaries. For instance, Ziya and the members of the Element Spirit Civilization harbored an undying passion when it came to exploring the outside world. They had spent most of their lives traveling to discover what lay beyond their world.

In fact, it was because they were bound by the constraints holding them down as creatures of the chaos that they were unable to go too far...

Their scenario of entering the Abstruse Energy World could be equated to that of a blind man walking into a colorful world. Witnessing the whole world in all its contrasts and colors was always considered to be an ambitious thing to accomplish.

"This is the Eternal Divine Courtyard, which has already been deserted. It was sealed by the Time Lock a long time ago. Logically speaking, no one can approach this place. I don't know how you came in, but since you have come in, I'm assuming your goal must be for the origin-level bloodline, right?" the face asked.

"Yes. That is correct." Zen nodded in response as he captured several words that the face had said.

Eternal Divine Courtyard, Time Lock, deserted... All these things the face had said left Zen in a daze, his thoughts running amok in his head.

Was it possible that the Eternal Scroll Painting was connected to a deserted land?

"The Eternal Divine Courtyard is the land where they keep their bloodlines. The root-level bloodlines are hidden in the lower layer, and the origin-level bloodlines are hidden in the second layer. While that place..." The face took a short pause between his explanation to look upwards, before saying, "That's where the ancestry-level bloodline is."

"Ancestry-level?" Zen blinked several times, taken aback.

"Yes, ancestry-level bloodline! That's what provided them with a foundation to gain a firm foothold and also the foundation for them to fight other worlds..." The more he explained the mechanisms of the world, the more his expressions overflowed with overwhelming excitement. He grew red as if he had used all his strength to talk. "You should be grateful for the existence of the Time Lock. They thought no one could enter this deserted Eternal Divine Courtyard. Otherwise, you would have been long doome

ith his fists. The loud rumbling sound of his fists making contact with the wall echoed throughout the vast space.

"It's hollow on the inside. Maybe I can break it open by force?"




Thirty thousand divine megatons of force...

Fifty thousand divine megatons of force...

One hundred thousand divine megatons of force...

Even when Zen exerted the limit of the Chaotic Source Spirits and smashed with a force of one hundred thousand divine megatons, it bore no fruit. The bronze wall remained sturdy and stood tall without having moved an inch.

However, Zen did not plan on giving up after coming this far. If one hundred thousand divine megatons of force couldn't break it open, then he would have to wait until the Celestial Spear was fully restored. With the help of the Celestial Spear, he might be able to force it open.

"You can't open it. Without my guidance, you will never be able to get the ancestry-level bloodline..." The spider man in the cube below began to sing again after having witnessed Zen struggling to get past. "I can make a deal with you, as long as you..."

"Heavenly Obsession Civilization, there's no need to decipher his words," Zen said abruptly.

Even if he could release this spider man without himself getting hurt, the latter would probably still kill him the first chance he'd get and later obtain the ancestry-level bloodline. There was no point in communicating with him anymore.

After the core of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization stopped deciphering, the spider man's voice was reduced to a rhythmic wail like that of ghosts and wolves to him.

Crossing his arms, Zen stared hard at the bronze wall above his head and processed different ways he could use to get through it in his mind. Suddenly, he stumbled across a clear pattern etched over the bronze wall.

The pattern had previously been covered by thick dust. As Zen launched constant blows without pause, the layer of dust was shaken off by the continuous tremors of the bronze wall. Naturally, the pattern that was once veiled by the dust was revealed out in the open.

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