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   Chapter 3837 Something In Return

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Zen watched as the purplish-black flowers grew, then withered.

Suddenly, he went still, his senses alert. He could feel an invisible force beneath him, penetrating into the soles of his feet.

The force flowed into his body and his eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in his feet.

He realized that something was spreading throughout his body, spreading from his feet and up his legs.

Startled, he tried to lift his feet and leap upwards, away from the source of the pain.

However, Zen found himself firmly fixed onto the ground. The unknown force was holding fast to his feet.

But he was unfazed. After all, he had not used his full strength yet. He was confident that if he did, he would be able to rise.

He bent his knees, gathered his strength, and forcefully pushed off from the ground. This time he succeeded in soaring upwards. He looked downwards at the spot where he had been standing, and saw a green seedling sprouting in the soil.

He wondered if this seedling had been the cause of the strange sensation of penetration in his feet.

Even as Zen studied the seedling, it continued to grow. It was rapidly rising, growing thicker and larger before his eyes.

'What is this?' Zen thought.

His eyes narrowed in astonishment when the shape of the seedling finally emerged.

The seedling seemed to have grown according to the structure of the meridians within Zen's body. The branches extended and intertwined until they formed a complete human shape that resembled Zen's own form.

"If I hadn't managed to escape, the seedling would have grown inside me, completely filling my meridians!" Zen muttered, frowning.

"It's possible," said the Primeval Lord of Heaven, sounding serious. "Look around you at the other trees in this place. They look remarkably familiar, don't they?"

Zen glanced around him. The Primeval Lord of Heaven was right.

Zen had not closely observed the shapes of the trees, but he realized that each one formed an unusual shape, more like a creature than a standard tree.

On his left, for instance, there was a tree whose branches sloped downwards in the shape of four crawling limbs. There was a cluster of leaves that could be recognized as a head. From a distance, it was shaped like a large beast. On his right, meanwhile, there was a tree which seemed to have two legs. It stood several hundred feet tall, towering over the other trees. It was the same size as Pompeo. Perhaps this was a member of the Colossus race?

"Are they the forms of the creatures who have successfully fused with the Myriad Birth and Destruction?" Zen asked.

"Perhaps," said the Primeval Lord of Heaven thoughtfully.

"It seems that there are many creatures in the Abstruse Energy World who obtained this origin-level bloodline," Zen commented, looking around him at the surrounding trees. By his count, there were about seventy to eighty different forms of creatures in this forest.

There was a strange sound.

Zen immediately turned in the direction of

no matter how he scanned the long row of cubes, he could no longer find it. The face had vanished.

Zen was agitated. But as he returned to his spot, he reminded himself that there was only a finite number of cubes within this space, and all the cubes were lined up in a certain order. As long as Zen waited on the same spot, it would appear before him sooner or later.

Patiently, he stood there, considering the idea of an even stronger bloodline. After a long while, the cube with the pale face finally appeared again. It sang the same song to Zen.

"Do you want to get a stronger bloodline? One stronger than the four origin-level bloodlines?"

"Yes, I do,"

Zen called out in a determined tone. He moved forward to stay with the cube, not wanting to lose track of it again.

However, he remembered that the face could not understand his language.

"Primeval Lord of Heaven, I need your help..."

When he was in Stage Thirty, Zen had communicated with Pompeo by interpreting his words into the language of the Abstruse Energy World. Back then, the energy souls of the Snake Goddess, Fuxi, and other human heroes had helped him convey his words by chorusing to Pompeo.

Later, the Primeval Lord of Heaven had specially trained a group to deal with this sort of situation, but they had never come in handy. Until now. It was finally time for them to demonstrate their worth.

With the group's chorus, Zen conveyed his reply to the face. "I want the strongest of all bloodlines."

"I'll tell you what you want to know, but I will need something in return..."

The pale face spoke in a hoarse, weak voice.

"What is it?" Zen asked. He was prepared to do almost anything the face demanded.

"You must kill me, please!"

Zen was taken aback by this unexpected reply. His eyes narrowed as he gazed closely upon the face, noting the look of desperation etched on its features. He was stunned, understanding at last that he was speaking to a being that was imprisoned within the cube.

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