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   Chapter 3836 The Ultimate Cycle

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"I can obtain this bloodline when they reproduce to the limit?" Zen muttered.

Then, he turned around and stared at the little boys who pounced on him. He finally understood what they meant.

These little boys couldn't reproduce infinitely. They would reach their limit if he continuously killed them.

And when they did, then he would be able to obtain the bloodline.

"Well then, let me try!"

He violently kicked another boy who pounced on him to the ground. The moment the boy fell, dozens of more boys appeared.

"It's too slow..."

He lifted his leg and rushed towards the little boys.

He was like a shuttle as he flew and left only a long series of shadows behind. He killed nearly a hundred boys in an instant, who all immediately disappeared except for their skins.

After that, thousands of more boys appeared in the deserted space.

Just as Zen was about to speed up the slaughter to make the number of the little boys closer to the limit of their reproduction, the Civilization Artifact of the Heavenly Obsession Civilization said, "Pass through the crack and move forward, then you can find the next origin-level bloodline, which is named the 'Ultimate Cycle'."

Upon hearing those words, Zen stiffened slightly and descended from the sky.


He trampled dozens of little boys as he went down. "How did you know that?" he asked curiously.

"Because I have deciphered the other Sanskrit word," answered the Heavenly Obsession Civilization.

There was a Sanskrit word on each side of the crack in the middle of the bronze wall.

What the Civilization Artifact said just now was the meaning of the other Sanskrit word. "Are you going there to have a look or stay here to merge with this bloodline?" the Primeval Lord of Heaven asked.

After all, Zen himself should make the decision about the bloodline.


Suddenly, he kicked back, and his body rotated dozens of times in the air before he landed steadily in front of the bronze wall. He looked at the light dots in the crack and said, "I want to go and have a look."

There were four origin-level bloodlines, which should all be different. Thus, he wanted to understand them first before he merged with any of them.

However, he still doubted if he could pass through the Abstruse Energy World or not.

That was b

h and Destruction' is not hard to imagine. Can it control the birth and destruction of all kinds of energy? If we analyze it literally, it shows that the bloodline is even more powerful," he said in a serious voice.

"Ha-ha, that's impossible," the Primeval Lord of Heaven said with a smile. "If the bloodlines could be understood literally, you will be able to reproduce millions of you once you obtain the Infinite Reproduction bloodline. Although these are origin-level bloodlines, they can't be that powerful."

"You're right." Zen nodded.

"But you have already mastered the Ways-blending Energy. Will the Myriad Birth and Destruction be helpful to the Godly Ways Great Unity?" the Primeval Lord of Heaven reminded.

Zen's eyes lit up at those words. He immediately entered the crack.

In less than a second, he passed through the Abstruse Energy World.

He had first thought that the place of Myriad Birth and Destruction might have mixed with all sorts of complex energies.

To his great surprise, the world in front of him was just a flat plain with some dead trees in the center. Purplish-black flowers continuously grew on the branches of the dead trees, and the new blossoms floated and disappeared in the wind.

Zen floated over and stood in the center of the dead trees. Suddenly, a strange feeling filled his heart, and he said, "Things are constantly born and grow; things constantly die and disappear. Primeval Lord of Heaven, the Myriad Birth and Destruction bloodline doesn't refer to energy, but all kinds of things."

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