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   Chapter 3835 Infinite Reproduction

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As soon as the boy was only a step away from him, Zen finally felt that something was wrong, and turned his head in confusion.

Yet, there was nothing behind him.

He frowned as his confusion grew.

"What's wrong?" the Primeval Lord of Heaven asked.

"It seems that something is following me," Zen answered. He sniffed and sensed a cold aura that floated around him.

"This place is a bit strange. You must be careful," the Primeval Lord of Heaven reminded him.

No one had ever entered this world until Zen. The Primeval Lord of Heaven was not sure what was ahead of them, so he could only remind Zen to be careful.

Zen nodded. Just as he was about to take another step forward, the cold aura suddenly intensified.

He quickly turned around and saw the little boy's crumbling face. The little boy opened his bloody mouth, and the cracks at the corners of his mouth extended to his ears. His teeth were as sharp as a beast's tusks. Black saliva, which smelled strongly of blood, dripped from them like threads.

"Fuck off!" Zen roared.

Such an ugly and disgusting face startled him so much that he subconsciously punched the little boy.


Zen's punch of about forty thousand divine megatons landed on the little boy and disfigured his face and mouth. The force also twisted his body so horribly that it looked like braided dough, then sent it flying several hundred feet away before it crashed on the ground.

'Why is there a monster in the form of little boy in this damned place?' Zen wondered as he moved towards where the boy fell.

The punch smashed the boy's body into a pulp. Zen was sure that he was dead.

Upon closer look at the pit, however, he was shocked.

There was only a twisted piece of human skin left in the pit. It was the boy's skin.

"What's going on?" Zen muttered with a frown.

At that exact moment, he felt a gust of coldness behind him again. When he turned around, he saw many little boys who stood not far away, dispersed around.

All of their mouths were cracked to their ears and revealed their sharp teeth. At the same time, their eyes glistened with a strange light.

However, the light didn't seem to be malicious, but more of mocking.

ion Artifact.

In Stage Thirty of the Other Shore, the Heavenly Obsession Civilization's core began to operate. Soon enough, it deciphered the Sanskrit words on the left. It said: "The origin-level bloodline will reproduce to the limit, then it can be acquired."

Zen was stunned when he heard those words. "Reproduce to the limit? What kind of bloodline is that?"

"I see," the Primeval Lord of Heaven said after a moment of contemplation. When he thought about the little boys, he immediately realized what had happened. "The bloodline in this deserted world is this infinitely multiplied bloodline. It means that after a person with this bloodline dies, there will be even more of them. Those little boys' words mean something," he explained.

"Is this place suitable for you? Can you stay here? Come with me..."

"Is this place suitable for you?

Stay here..."

Those little boys finally caught up and each of them spoke clearly. They were not the creatures of this world, but the bloodline itself.

"After its death, it will still reproduce fast. It is an extremely powerful bloodline!" the Primeval Lord of Heaven exclaimed.

At that moment, Zen's eyes glinted. He didn't describe such a bloodline as strong, but rather a dishonest method.

He didn't believe he could really "infinitely reproduce" if he inherited this bloodline. However, thinking about copies of him fighting by his side, he couldn't doubt the power this bloodline would bring him.

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