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   Chapter 3834 The Last Room

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It was not easy for all of the members of the Oneness Sky Palace to relocate to another place. To do so in only one day was virtually impossible.

Within this short period of time, only some of the core disciples and royal members could be removed.

These core disciples were the hope of the Oneness Sky Palace for the future. After all, as long as they survived, hope still remained.

Several huge flying ships had landed on the sword sects of the seven mountains, and the training rooms were opened by force one by one.

Those disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace who were still cultivating on the Other Shore were rudely awakened by force. Some disciples who were still in the temple or unable to leave the Other Shore were unceremoniously moved to the flying ships and stacked in rows, like goods to be transported.

In front of the Phoenix Palace, a huge flying ship had docked, and the disciples of the three sword sects quickly marched onto it, one after another.

It was not compulsory for the Other Shore Realm disciples to join the migration, but the dire consequences of staying on in the Bloom Divine Province could be imagined. Once the Bearing race and the Divine Farmer race invaded the Bloom Divine Province, the chances of anyone surviving would be very small.

Some of the more stubborn disciples chose to return to the clans of the Clear Lake, and the Oneness Sky Palace did not try to stop them.

"Disciples of the Land of Sword Grief, step over here," Chaim called, guiding the disciples onto the flying ship.

Behind Chaim, many disciples, including Elvinia, were sitting cross-legged.

Elvinia was still receiving training in the Soul City, so he couldn't force her to wake up. He had carried her onto the ship and placed her here.

"I didn't expect to be forced to depart the Oneness Sky Palace so soon..." A disciple of the Land of Sword Grief gazed with reluctant eyes at the river and mountains in the distance.

The seven mountains were the bed-stone of the Oneness Sky Palace. The Oneness Sky Palace had stood here for countless centuries, but no one had expected they would have to leave it in such a hurried disarray.

"We will return," another disciple from the Land of Sword Grief muttered. "We will return, rest assured."

They were a part of the high-level reserve forces of the Oneness Sky Palace, and they had faced some real and hair raising situations. The current situation indeed didn't bode well for the Oneness Sky Palace, but as long as they could survive this hard time, they would return sooner or lat

the stone platform of a hexagram array.

"Primeval Lord of Heaven, are all of the rooms in the big vortex similar to this?" Zen queried.

The Primeval Lord of Heaven instantly shook his head. "The other rooms are much smaller, but they are similar to what you would expect. Once you enter through the hexagram array, you will find it possible to merge with the bloodline."

Zen had also come in through the hexagram array, but he seemed to have entered an unusual place.

After observing the room from the stone platform of the hexagram array for a while, Zen finally jumped down.

The ground was a kind of soft soil, and there was a faintly putrid smell to it. Every step he took left a one-inch-deep footprint on it.

After Zen had taken a dozen steps forward, a figure only half his height suddenly appeared behind him. It appeared to be a human boy with bangs and a pale face, and he was covered with rotting wounds. He looked as lifeless as a corpse.

Once he appeared, he walked forward on the footprints Zen had left. His movements were mechanical and strange. He appeared clumsy when moving his hands and legs. He didn't seem to be human at all when walking and was like a kind of saprophagous animal.

When Zen took a step forward, so did he. The two of them moved almost in unison.

With Zen's high cultivation base, his spiritual sense was constantly alert, but he couldn't even sense the little boy's movements.

Zen walked over a thousand steps, but the small pale-faced boy walked the same amount without showing any strain.

The little boy's legs were short, but with every step he took, he would float into the air for a short distance, moving ever closer and closer to Zen.

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