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   Chapter 3832 The Closure Of The Eternal Scroll Painting

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The room the Eye Spirit went in was a little far away from the one the spider spirit went in, as two rooms of hexagram arrays lay in between them.

This meant that the Eye Spirit was much stronger than the spider spirit.

However, such long distance of superiority was easily surpassed by Zen in less than half a minute.

"He really surpassed him!"

"I've never seen anyone who reached this level! He actually surpassed the Eye Spirit of the Element Spirit race!"

"But isn't the Eye Spirit already in the center of the innermost circle? If he surpassed the Eye Spirit, then will he have the chance to fuse with a bloodline?"

In everyone's mind, the Eye Spirit was the pinnacle of strength, the symbol of the final destination.

Since ancient times, the Eye Spirit's position remained unshakeable. Everyone thought that there might be a select few who could also reach the same destination but never surpass it.

Yet now, Zen easily went past this pinnacle. That one step forward meant a lot to these Other Shore creatures.

"There's still a hexagram array ahead but I can't see if there's also a room. It might just be covered up by darkness..."

Zen continued to jump in and out of the scroll painting. He did not have the luxury to observe and could only step onto the hexagram array.

In the center of the huge vortex was a mass of black substance.

This eldritch mass had already been repeatedly analyzed by numerous Other Shore creatures. Some believed it to be a form of Void Sand while others thought it was a passage.

Nobody ever had the chance to verify these assumptions because none of them had ever been able to surpass the Eye Spirit.

There were also a lot of arguments about the substance. Since the Eye Spirit stopped just before he reached it, people began to think that it was because he couldn't resist the Void Sand or that he did not dare approach it because he too did not know what it was.

Today, they finally had a chance to figure out just what this black mass was.

In a corner of the Grand Plain Stage, a half-human, half-bull creature sat on the bronze ground, his big eyes transfixed on the Eternal Scroll Painting.

This creature had made a bold guess: that the position of the Eye Spirit was not the destination and that the center of the huge vortex was, in fact, somewhere e

e Other Shore race that received them.


Kirk, Egan, and a talent of the Grasshopper race were the last to arrive. The last one managed to enter an inner circle.

Save for the member of the Life race who died and Zen who mysteriously disappeared, everyone managed to return safely.

The Souls of Light from the Oneness Sky Palace craned their necks in an effort to see if Zen made it.

It wasn't just them. The Three Eyes race, the Swallow Victory race, and even the other neutral races were also concerned about the situation. Since Zen supported the Finale Way and had shown his potential by surpassing the Eye Spirit, they all hoped he would be able to come back alive.

However, there were quite a number of those who hoped for the opposite. Those affiliated with the Element Spirit race and the Nihility race, such as the Violet Cloud race, hoped for Zen's death. There was no way they could stomach the rise of another force.

"There's no need to wait! That guy has no doubt been eroded to dust by the Void Sand."

"It's been so long. There's no way he's coming back!"


The ridicule from the Violet Cloud race was truly too much!

Libby wanted to refute them and say something equally scathing, but Pearce stopped her. Arguing with them was useless in this situation.

They continued to wait for an hour more before the black mass within the Eternal Scroll Painting fully dissipated.

The huge vortex and the Other Shore creatures' pictures disappeared, which signaled the closing of the Eternal Scroll Painting.

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