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The light at the far end gradually disappeared and Egan said in thought, "The man from the Life race has failed."

"Failed? What makes you say that?" asked Zen surprised.

He didn't know how Egan had come to this conclusion. When they were observing in the square, all they could see was a dot of light spinning in the distance before finally disappearing.

"If he had entered a room and fused with the bloodline, a blazing light would have flashed. But now, the protective light has disappeared but there is still no blazing light shining, which means he hasn't entered a room," Egan explained.

"He was trying too hard," commented Kirk while shaking his head.

In fact, the big vortex on the third page was relatively safe. As long as one's body was not totally eroded, they would be able to take their pick of a nearby room to obtain the bloodline and reach the Eternal Realm smoothly.

But some people got too greedy and chose to go further even without possessing the necessary strength.

"Let me have a go!"

The member of the Jade Crown race then came forward. He stepped into the hexagram array and quickly left the square, sprinting towards the depths of the big vortex.

About ten minutes later, his protective light was falling dimmer and dimmer. Then, a blazing light shot into the sky; the member of the Jade Crown race had already chosen a room to enter. After fusing with the bloodline, he reached the Eternal Realm.

"That was quite a rational decision. From what I see, he is probably in the ninth circle, matching the strength of the imprints he had obtained," Egan said, nodding to Kirk. It was Kirk's turn to enter the vortex.

Kirk had obtained seven imprints, just like the man of the Jade Crown race and he didn't overextend himself either. After reaching the ninth circle, he simply chose and entered a room with a hexagram array.

Several Other Shore creatures then followed suit. Perhaps the tragedy of the member of the Life race sucked away their will to gamble. They no longer dared grit their teeth and fight head-on. Most of them had each chosen a room with a hexagram array while the protecting light still shone.

Egan was the third to last to enter the big vortex. The protective light released by the nine imprints guaranteed to take him further. In the end, he reached the expected sixth circle.

In the Grand Plain Stage, the members of t

with his every advancement.

The gap between the Eternal Warriors was decided the moment they reached the Eternal Realm.

The warriors in the outer circles were all at the ordinary Eternal Realm, while those who managed to make their way to the inner circles were capable of becoming the leaders of powerful races. Of course, they would most likely be recruited straight into the Element Spirit race or the Nihility race.

As for those who entered the third or even second circle, they would be powerful forces in exploring Stage Thirty-three. By then, they could even dominate a territory.

And the strongest would enter the innermost circle in the center of the vortex. These creatures had the potential to compete to be the strongest existence on the Other Shore!

Now that Zen had effortlessly stepped into the second circle and still showed no signs of slowing down, it seemed that he would rush into the innermost circle.

"It's no wonder the two great races would fight for him..."

"They already knew what he was capable of!"

"He reaches the first circle. Up until now, there have only been eleven kinds of holy-level bloodlines. I wonder if he will obtain the twelfth."

Some Other Shore races referred to the bloodlines provided in the innermost circle as the holy-level bloodlines. These were also regarded as the best.

But this was a controversial view. After all, there were some incredibly powerful figures that did not rank high in the Eternal Scroll Painting. Thus it was believed that the difference in bloodlines from the four inner circles was not that great.

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