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   Chapter 3829 Complete Erosion

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All the creatures present stood still in shock. They had never heard of anyone receiving eighteen imprints since the beginning of history, and the protective light that everyone else obtained wasn't as dense as Zen's.

Even Zen himself felt that the protective light was too dazzling, and it took him quite a while to get used to it.

Meanwhile, the others stared blankly at him for a long time, their eyes filled with envy.

That level of protective light would enable him to easily enter the inner circles and even break through to the third or second circle.

They all entered the Soul City and passed through the Land of Bone Tribulation, but why was there such a big difference?

No wonder both the Element Spirit race and the Nihility race fought tooth and nail for Zen. That was probably the secret reason.

On the other side of the square was another big hexagram array.

After everyone had acquired protective light, they gathered in front of the hexagram array.

From there, they could see the ethereal Void Sand that floated above the ground. "Are we going to rush out together?

I can take the lead," Zen offered.

However, the people behind him had mixed emotions regarding his suggestion.

"Zen, you can't do this," Egan said and shook his head.

"Why not?" Naturally, Zen was puzzled.

"The more people are gathered together, the more intense and severe the Void Sand's attacks will be," Kirk answered.

When the Eternal Scroll Painting was first designed, its designer had considered that some warriors might enter the inner circles in groups. After all, if someone powerful took the lead, then everyone behind him would benefit from it. Furthermore, it would be too easy for the weak ones to enter the inner circles.

There were a few who had tried to do it before, but when multiple people attempted it, the Void Sand in the vortex gathered like mad and became harder to resist.

From then on, everyone learned their lesson and entered the big vortex one by one.

"But this protective light..."

Zen felt that the protective light was quite powerful, but to maintain such a powerful state consumed a lot of energy. Thus, he was afraid that the protective light could only last for a limited time.

"Don't worry, Zen. As long as you

circle, however, his protective light completely disappeared.

Without the protective light, things would get very complicated and dangerous for him.

"Lionel, please choose a bloodline already!"

"Your protective light is gone!"

the other members of the Life race shouted repeatedly, but they couldn't transmit their voices from the Grand Plain Stage to the Eternal Scroll Painting. Besides, based on Lionel's mentality, he wouldn't stop even if he heard them.

The Void Sand hit his arms, chest, belly, and legs, and left countless sand-sized pits. The intense pain was like thousands of needles that stabbed into his Soul of Light.

If he had a weaker will, then he would've passed out from the pain by now. He continued to rush forward with gritted teeth as his arms covered his face.

By the time he reached the seventh circle, the Void Sand had eroded more than half of the arm that covered his face. The bones inside it broke, then his arm completely fell off his shoulder.

His legs were also damaged, so he could only limp forward.

The members of the Life race kept shouting in the Grand Plain Stage. They saw that his picture in the Eternal Scroll Painting became increasingly smaller until it almost stumbled forward on the ground.

Eventually, Lionel still managed to crawl into the seventh circle. As soon as he entered it, however, a swarm of Void Sand submerged him, and he disappeared into the depths of the great vortex. The Void Sand had devoured and eroded every tissue of his body.

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