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   Chapter 3828 Imprint Transmission Tower

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"Da, Da, Da..."

The Void Sand occasionally hit their bodies, and the pain felt like needles pricking their skin.

What was worse was that it was both physical and mental pain.

It was especially hard for the warrior of the Life race on the left since he was highly sensitive to pain. Every time a grain of sand hit him, he gritted his teeth and groaned in agony.

It also hurt both Egan and Kirk, but they endured it a lot better. They only frowned and simply put up with it.

In comparison, the sand wouldn't quickly erode Zen's body, but he couldn't just get rid of the pain in his soul.

After they moved forward for a certain distance, a square appeared on the scroll painting. There was a big hexagram array drawn at the entrance of the square.

Their group of nine entered the hexagram array and returned to their normal state. At that moment, a circular tower appeared in the center of the square. The tower looked only like a simple circle on the scroll painting, but it looked magnificent and lofty in the square.

"This is the Imprint Transmission Tower," said Egan as he turned to Zen. "This is the starting point that leads to the big vortex. If you got some imprints while you were in the Soul City and the Land of Bone Tribulation, you can get the corresponding protection from the Imprint Transmission Tower."

Zen thought that it was nice of Egan to explain everything to him in detail, as Egan knew that it was his first time to enter the Eternal Scroll Painting. Although the Primeval Lord of Heaven had already told him about it, he still listened carefully, as Egan explained.

In general, ordinary Other Shore creatures weren't resistant to the Void Sand's erosion. It was perfectly fine for them to be in the sixteen outer circles since there was not much Void Sand there. However, there was a massive amount of Void Sand in the deep part of the vortex, and those grains of sand could easily erode them. If they wanted to travel smoothly in the depths of the vortex, they had to rely on the Imprint Transmission Tower.

In front of the tower was a member of the Jade Crown race who took the lead to step forward.


When the warrior approached the Imprint Transmission Tower, his chest, back, and head began to glow. In turn, seven imprints appeared on the tower.

"Three Bone Tribulation Imprints and four Holy Soul Imprints, that's not bad," said Egan.

The three Bone Tribulation Imprints were exposed, so everyone saw them. The Holy Soul Imprints were on one's soul, and they were invisi

. After all, it was hard for him to surpass thirteen imprints.

After the warrior of the Grasshopper race left the Imprint Transmission Power, Zen walked towards it.

The moment he neared it, his chest, legs, back, arms, head…

All of his body parts glowed with the imprints' light, and so did the tower. Nine Bone Tribulation Imprints of different shapes and nine Holy Soul Imprints appeared on the tower at the same time.

The ray of light was somewhat blinding, and the crowd in the square fell silent. It wasn't until quite a while later that they began to roar.

"How many imprints are there?"

"One, two, three... Eighteen, eighteen imprints... "

"Eighteen imprints? Has he achieved complete success in both the Soul City and the Land of Bone Tribulation?"

The Other Shore creatures present grew up on the Grand Plain Stage, so they had watched the Eternal Scroll Painting unfold over and over again.

They were familiar with all sorts of stories about talents, but they had never heard of anyone who had obtained eighteen imprints! "Zen, it this real?" Kirk asked in shock.

He couldn't believe his eyes!

In turn, Zen just shrugged slightly at Kirk's disbelief. "Zen, are you going to break through to the first circle?" Egan asked.

"I'll try my best," Zen answered.

The bloodline power in the innermost circle was only at the root level. It naturally didn't meet the requirements of the fox girl, so he could only try his best to explore the vortex and reach the end.


After the eighteen imprints disappeared, the protective light appeared on his body. The layer of protective light was as thick as real armor, and it tightly wrapped around him.

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