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   Chapter 3647 One-on-one Battle

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The purple long swords that came down from the sky suddenly charged straight towards the six arrays. The sudden sword attacks greatly shocked the mountain leaders.

"What is the Vastness Mountain doing?"

"Gethin is really rebelling!"

"True, but he was really good at hiding from us!"

The seven mountains had been accumulating their strength to try to fight against the Sun Crows in the Six-flame Array, but the Vastness Array just used their accumulated strength on their peers!

"Don't be distracted. I'll do it!" Auden shouted.

Then, he flew upwards as the Lofty Sword beneath him glowed a bright golden light.


Just then, the Lofty Sword's blade flipped and flew straight into the sky.

Although Gethin was powerful and so was the Vastness Array, his attack ended up being divided into six parts. If Auden used all his strength, he might be able to take the impact.

The Golden Mountain and the Ivory Mountain could also resist the attack, but they would have to be distracted because of this attack.

Suddenly, a strong spatial fluctuation burst out from the Six-flame Array when it exploded. In turn, the people inside the array all used the Grand Teleportation technique and quickly disappeared.

As a result, the blue flames from the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows and the fierce skills the other mountains released had all missed their targets!

The Cage of Heaven and Earth had been set since the beginning of the battle in the North Unicorn Province.

However, people like Elizabeth, Athemar, and Pearce were still able to break free from the Cage of Heaven and Earth.

As the battle continued to advance south, however, the range of the Cage of Heaven and Earth became smaller and smaller.

It was known that the smaller the area the cage covered, the stronger its power would be.

That was why if the entire cage shrunk to a radius of ten thousand miles, even a powerful being like Pearce wouldn't be able to use the Grand Teleportation technique there.

Despite all those conditions, there were still some theurgies in the Sun Crow race that could resist the Cage of Heaven and Earth!

Such a case was also Springer's second conspiracy.


At that point, Springer and another eight people appeared in the Ivory Array.

Their sudden appearance stunned all the powerful warriors in the Ivory Array.

After all, they had been on their guard the moment they saw all

e World. She was sure that he was still at the early stage of the Chaotic Source Realm!

Not to mention that fifteen thousand divine megatons of force, even half of it might be enough to exhaust his Chaotic Source Spirits and disintegrate his body into pieces.

But this was Zen, and with him, something unexpected happened a lot.


Finally, Elizabeth's spear stabbed into Zen's body, but it only made a crisp sound.

It turned out that the Chaotic Source Spirits in his body withstood the spear. Then they began to weaken, but his mysterious Truth of Godly Way rapidly fluctuated and pooled within each Chaotic Source Spirit, thus quickly restoring their strength!

"How?" Elizabeth exclaimed in disbelief.

She couldn't believe what she saw, and Zen even had the guts to smile at her.

"Go to hell!"

Nevertheless, she released all the power within her body. Her flaming spear released a terrible force of twenty-five thousand divine megatons, which was close to her limit.

She didn't know how Zen had blocked her first spear, nor did she want to figure it out. She paid it no mind and proceeded to release more force!


The immensely strong force pushed the flaming spear even more, then it let out a sharp whistling sound and went straight towards Zen's head.

Even in the face of such a powerful spear strike, Zen just faintly smiled.

Could he still withstand this spear's attack?

Just as Elizabeth thought about it, she felt a burning aura around her. The aura did not come from her flaming spear, but from the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows that were flying everywhere.

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