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   Chapter 3646 Collapse

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The array was engraved with six fire-shaped seals emanating ferocious energy.

Pearce recognized the seal on sight.

"This is the Six-flame Array!"

"It's extremely deadly!

"Everyone, be careful!"

Terror washed over the mountain leaders as the warning reached them.

The array must be a sure killer if no less than Pearce was spooked.


Figures started to become visible within the array.

There were over a hundred people within the Six-flame Array, and most of them were Emperor Charm's royal guards. Though the Divine Lair was the main force of the Sun Crow race, these guards matched Elizabeth in strength and status.

Elizabeth flapped her wings, positioning herself in the center of the array.

Springer hovered beside her, beating his black wings. He glared at the Oneness Array. "You've forced our hand, so here we are," he called out menacingly.

He turned to the Sun Crow race, booming out in a voice that reverberated in everyone's ears. "Destroy the Sky Net!"

At these words, the energy in the six fire-shaped seals burst out in six flames of different colors!

The Heavenly Canopy Flame!

The World Exterminating Flame!

The Spiritual Karma Flame!

The six kinds of flames shot out simultaneously. They had all been created by Emperor Charm with the divine flames of the Sun Crow race. Each flame was stored in the seal and nurtured for tens of millions of years. When the flames emerged, they looked less like fire and more like six sharp sabers. As the Six-flame Array began to rotate, the six sabers slashed at the Sky Net!

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The entire Sky Net Array began to shake violently.

The sight horrified the Oneness Generals of the twelve passes.

"What kind of array is that?"

"It's powerful enough to destroy anything!"

"The Sky Net Array can't withstand it at all!"

The Sky Net had been able to survive the fiery power of over a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows. But now, after only a few cuts from the Six-flame Array, it was about ready to collapse!

Pearce, however, remained steadfast in his fait

the six seals of the Six-flame Array also collapsed into a crystal clear powder.


Zen was the first to react.

The Corpse Spirit Sun Crows emitted light beams from their mouths, straight at the center of the collapsing Six-flame Array.




The powerful warriors positioned in the Oneness Array started rising from the ground, pulling out the huge Lofty Swords they had been occupying.

It came quite naturally to Pearce, Athemar and some of the other warriors.

Libby, however, struggled a little with her Lofty Sword, her fair face betraying a hint of fatigue. She gritted her teeth and eventually managed to keep pace with the other masters.

The Bright Array, the Golden Array, the Ivory Array, and all the other arrays also began to move. Everyone was ready to give their all in this battle.

Just then, a purple light shot into the sky. It came from the Vastness Array.

But instead of targeting the Six-flame Array, the purple light separated into six rays, turning into six huge purple swords. Each one hurtled straight for the other six arrays!

A cold smirk played on Gethin's lips. He had chosen this critical moment to bring the rebellion out in the open.

Gethin knew Pearce and the others had been on guard against him for a long time. It was too bad that they were too busy to be on the lookout now. It was a fatal mistake.

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