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   Chapter 3645 The Shrinking Sky Net

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Gethin did plan to join the Sun Crow race's attacks on the Oneness Sky Palace eventually, but at a critical moment to deliver the fatal blow.

While the Sky Net remained in place, the Vastness Mountain wouldn't dare make a move.

They couldn't risk revealing their hand in the conspiracy too early. For now, he had to continue pretending to be on the side of the other six mountains.

He had to wait for the right moment to strike and make his rebellion known.

Meanwhile, Zen remained on guard near the Sky Net even after seizing control of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

The Sun Crow race still hadn't made a move, even as the Sky Net continued shrinking. It was clear a storm was brewing.

A voice suddenly piped up in Zen's head. "General Zen, please come to the Oneness Array."

Zen quickly recognized the voice. It was Pearce, the master who had once scolded him in the Supreme Dragon Hall.

Not that it mattered to Zen now. It was but a distant memory in this time of war.

With his mind, he directed the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows to fly to the Oneness Array. They headed out in a neat formation.

They soon arrived at a magnificent array of Lofty Swords.

Each one was occupied by a master from the Oneness Mountain.

Zen cupped his hands in front of him and bowed to them respectfully.

The masters eyed the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows, which all emanated such gloomy and powerful auras they subconsciously made anyone observing them keep their guard up.

The Oneness Array was consisted of Lofty Swords arranged in a wedge-shaped formation: One in front, then others widening to the back on both sides.

Libby, who occupied a Lofty Sword at one end of the array, craned her neck to finally catch a glimpse of this Zen people kept talking about.

The disciples on the first and second floors of the Land of Sword Grief were in different arrays of the twelve passes, while the disciples on the third floor were in the arrays of the seven mountains.

This was because the disciples on the first and second floors were closest to Oneness Generals in terms of strength, while the disciples on the third floor were most similar to Oneness Governors.

This didn't explain, however, why the powerful Libby was placed at the end of the array.

She was definitely not weaker than the mast

ness Sky Palace planned to deal with it.

Pearce trained his eyes on the shrinking Sky Net. "If I'm guessing right, there should be a great array behind Elizabeth. After the Sky Net shrinks to a certain extent, the Sun Crow race will launch their full attack."

As the other six arrays and eleven passes continued to move, the circular Sky Net kept contracting toward its center.

Strong as Elizabeth was, she had no choice for now but to fall back in the face of the Sky Net.

Nothing could be seen in the space behind her.

With a series of caws, the Sun Crows swooped in from all corners of the sky to gather in the area behind Elizabeth. They all disappeared in groups as soon as they reached that spot.

The Sky Net shrunk to only 800 miles across.

500 miles.

200 miles.

50 miles.

As the span of the Sky Net continued to shrink, the distance between the twelve passes and the seven arrays also decreased.

The mountain chiefs all guarded their large arrays as they observed the Sky Net warily.

No one would let their guard down, not even if the Sun Crow race were successfully caught in the Sky Net.

The Sky Net shrunk further.

It was only 25 miles wide now!

The Sun Crow race was now only one step closer to the Oneness Sky Palace.

Up in the sky, all the other Sun Crows had seemingly disappeared, save for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth exhaled and moved her hands. Six dots of light emerged behind her, flickered, and quickly expanded into six hexagonal seals. Together, they formed an immense array.

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