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   Chapter 3644 Flipping The Sky Net

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Pearce, Auden and the leaders of the seven mountains all had very sharp insights.

Because of this, ordinary hiding skills could never deceive them.

However, the method the Sun Crow race used was one they had never seen coming.

It was for this reason that they failed to see through the Sun Crow race, even if they did everything in their power. This was also why Pearce didn't dare to act rashly.

Just then, a cocky voice rang through space. It was no other than Springer.

"Humph, are you blaming me? What a damn shame! Over a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were gifted to your Divine Lair, but they were all taken away while the Sky Net is still there intact. What a joke," Springer said sarcastically.

Even if he was rude, he was right. And as a super force, the Sun Crow race had several branches to use for their advantage.

Found in these branches and the Divine Lair, were the royal guards of Emperor Charm. Among these guards was Springer, who was given a status and strength that was on a par with Elizabeth's.

Any race would know that a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows would be a great advantage and weapon of destruction. The Sun Crow race could not tolerate such a loss. While it was Springer who came up with the plan, he'd want to put the blame on Elizabeth.

"Yes, Elizabeth, your Divine Lair is too lame," another voice spoke out. "Over a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows are more than enough to annihilate an ordinary great force!"

Elizabeth pursed her lips. "If it were you, what would you have done? You saw how Zen stole the Sun Crows away. Who could have stopped him?"

Springer suddenly said, "I will kill him before he gets close."

However, not many agreed with this. One voice expressed this very clearly, "I don't agree with you on this, Springer. It is easy to be wise after the event. Could you foresee he was able to take away the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows just like that?" The voice was shrill, almost anxious and angry at the same time.

There seemed to be many powerful people gathered in the space.

"You're right. It's not Elizabeth's fault! The human boy is to blame," another voice cried out. "I'm still puzzled by him and how he'd managed to take away the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows."

As they continued to argue, it came to a common conclusion. What happened was so strange, that it could have only been possible if Emperor Charm had intervened.

Elizabeth's eyes narro

re the Sun Crows of lower intelligence.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth concentrated on deploying the forces as she planned to summon more Sun Crows from the North Unicorn Province.

An hour had passed and she found a large group of Sun Crows that remained in a place eight hundred miles behind her. Puzzled by what she saw, she released her spiritual sense and her face changed slightly. "The Sky Net..." she said, "is trapping us in it!"

As soon as Elizabeth finished speaking, the surface of the once translucent net emitted a bright red glow. Just then, the surging killing intent spread along with the glow, as if it could kill anything that approached it. The Sky Net was now one big killing machine.

At this time, the voice of Pearce rang out.


The Sky Net which had turned into a huge circle began to shrink inch by inch!

As the Sky Net shrank, the distance between the seven mountains and the twelve passes grew closer. Eventually, it would trap the Sun Crow race, and seven mountains would also attack together. With the Sun Crow race trapped in the center, they would all have great advantages to win.

"What a smart move!"

Gethin praised from the Vastness Array.

"And throughout the execution, not once was the Vastness Mountain needed. I have underestimated that Pearce!" Natasha said coldly.

The entire Sky Net began to fold right from the Vastness Array and the Mountain Sea Pass. This also meant that there was no need for the Vastness Mountain to move. Since the Vastness Mountain already had plans of rebelling, this move fueled their suspicion that they might have been exposed.

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