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   Chapter 3643 A Cognitive Space

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If those Corpse Spirit Sun Crows had owners present, it would be impossible for Emperor Charm to steal them.

Previously, when Zen stole the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows, he had to drive the demon women of the Divine Lair away from them or directly burn them to death with blue flames.

Since Elizabeth sat firmly on the last Corpse Spirit Sun Crow's back, Zen couldn't take it away.

However, she suddenly left the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow in the last minute. Fortunately, it wasn't that far, so Zen had a chance to steal it.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

While Elizabeth fell from the sky, Zen immediately entered the Sky Net with all the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

At that point, he had taken away all the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows led by Elizabeth.

Of course, the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow's wings were quite strong. As a result, she didn't manage to stabilize herself in the air until she had dropped down sharply for a certain distance.

Once she was back to her senses, she looked closely at Zen and saw that he had already fled to the inside of the Sky Net with all the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

Now, Zen didn't leave right after he had entered the Sky Net. Instead, he flashed her a smile and shouted across the Sky Net, "To be honest, I'm interested in fighting with you."

Although he hadn't climbed up to a higher stage of the Other Shore Realm yet, there wasn't a big difference between him and powerful warriors like Elizabeth and Athemar when it came to the Soul of Light, corporeal body, and the Other Shore Token.

"Now," Elizabeth said seriously.

Her eyes were full of hatred, as if she wanted to eat Zen alive.

"Not now," Zen answered with a grin.

He clearly wasn't like Athemar or Pearce, who had more access to information because of their higher positions.

But even without thinking, he could tell that the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were by no means the only weapon of the Sun Crow race.

Since Elizabeth and her army alone were able to make the seven mountains remain inside the Sky Net, the leaders of the seven mountains, the Oneness Governors, and other powerful warriors must be afraid of something—though he didn't have the chance to know what that was yet.

Still, he inadvertently got involved as he controlled nearly a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth's pupils continuously dilated as she stared at Zen. Blue wisps of fire appeared on her crimson golden wings. The original

he Dream Blood Theurgy," replied Emperor Charm.

"She will have a desperate fight," he added. "A desperate fight? Can she tear the Sky Net apart?" Zen asked.

"I don't think she'll be able to tear it apart," Emperor Charm glanced at the Sky Net and answered.

The Dream Blood Theurgy was a theurgy that only Emperor Charm himself could bestow upon someone, and it could greatly stimulate one's own potential.

In the 77th chaos, he had only granted it to no more than a hundred demon women.

Then again, the Sky Net could endure the continuous attacks of more than a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows. Even if Elizabeth's strength increased by ten times, it still wasn't enough to tear such a powerful array apart.

Zen had planned to run away, but he changed his mind after he heard the answer from Emperor Charm.

Although Elizabeth had activated the Dream Blood Theurgy, it was true that she wasn't in a hurry to attack him.

After all, she knew that it was in vain, and she only did such a thing to release her emotions.

She did it for the people behind her to see. "Is this your strategy, Springer? It's so ridiculous..." she said through life vitality.

As she spoke, her voice echoed in a space behind her.

That particular space was quite strange that it fell in the category of cognitive zones.

To be precise, the space existed, but it did not exist.

Because she believed that the space existed, it floated behind her.

As for the others like Zen, Pearce, Athemar, the Oneness Generals, and the Oneness Guards, they didn't know the existence of that space. Thus, for them, it did not exist.

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