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   Chapter 3642 Run Away

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Pearce and Auden had set a high expectation for Zen.

Such an unrealistic expectation became the key to breaking the dilemma.

However, things suddenly turned to a direction that the two of them found hard to accept. Did Zen really rush into the raging flames and commit suicide?

There was nothing Pearce could do or say, except for the shocked twitch of his face.

Naturally, Auden was very much taken aback as well.

Both of them didn't know much about Zen. They had met Zen for the first time in the Supreme Dragon Hall, and their impressions of him weren't so great. They thought that Zen was extremely arrogant and even dared to refuse the marriage that Eastern Emperor Taiyi had arranged for him.

On the other hand, Athemar and Goran knew Zen much better.

For instance, Athemar knew that Zen wasn't afraid of the unearthly fire, but even Athemar himself didn't dare to touch the flames that the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows spat out. If that was the case, would Zen truly be safe?

But of course, Zen was not a brainless person. Perhaps he was quite confident in his abilities, which was why he charged straight like that.


Zen and his Corpse Spirit Sun Crow were bathed together in the blue flames, and as time passed, the distance between them and the other crows became closer.

At that moment, a consciousness floated in Zen's mind. "Emperor Charm!

Is it okay?"

Emperor Charm's shadow nodded in response and then his eyes flashed a ray of green light.

To take control of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows was a piece of cake for him.

A few seconds later, the connections with the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows kept appearing in Zen's mind!

On the contrary, Elizabeth was agitated.

The remaining Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were originally under her control, but now they quickly disappeared from her mind one after another!

"He is still alive!" she shouted angrily in despair.

After a while, all the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were finally under Zen's control except for the one she sat on.


With just a thought, Zen made the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows stop spurting blue flames. His pure golden body came into everyone's sight once again.

Below them was Sinclair, who looked up dumbfoundedly at the scene in the sk

her back flapped, and then she dashed forward together with the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow. Her speed was more than twice as high as Zen's!

As long as she could successfully catch him, she could intercept these Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

That was the only thought that ran through her mind.

As soon as she got closer to him, she jumped up from the back of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow. The tip of the flaming spear in her hand spun at high speed and let out an ear-piercing sound.

The spear contained a terrifying number of divine megatons of power. It was so intense that under its immense pressure, the space that touched the tip of the spear formed a dark dot.

"This spear strike would definitely kill you!"

Elizabeth had channeled all her grief and remorse into her spear strike, so much that she had completely forgotten about the order to capture Zen alive.

Yet, she saw that Zen only looked back at her with scornful eyes.

It could be that she was afraid of him mocking her, so when she met his gaze, she felt an inexplicable rush of panic.

'Why does he look at me like that?

Did I miss anything?!


She discarded all her thoughts, and proceeded to throw the spear of flames in her hand.

However, at this moment, the eyes of the last Corpse Spirit Sun Crow that Zen did not take away lit up like emeralds.

Its torso flipped in the air. Then it fiercely flapped its wings and hit Elizabeth's body.


The wings slammed her hard, and she fell from the sky.

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