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   Chapter 3641 Rushing Into The Flames

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Over a hundred Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were scattered above Zen.

"Is it okay, Emperor Charm?" Zen asked just as he was about a thousand feet away from the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows at the bottom.

Emperor Charm nodded. "Yes."

Green light flashed in the emperor's slender eyes and Zen began to feel something press onto his mind.


Seven or eight Corpse Spirit Sun Crows at the bottom looked down as a trace of green light also flashed in their eyes. Zen felt the existence of these Corpse Spirit Sun Crows within his mind just as the connection was made.

Zen's eyes widened in wonder! "It's done!"

He continued to fly towards the higher layer where there were more than ten Corpse Spirit Sun Crows waiting. Zen noticed how they had to maintain a certain amount of distance between them owing to their incredibly huge sizes.

This time, before he even started to make a request to Emperor Charm, the eyes of these Corpse Spirit Sun Crows flashed green and their consciousness connected with his mind.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

At that moment, sharp, whistling sounds came from high above.

More than twenty Divine Lair women were quickly descending on the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows and their target was obvious: Zen.

It wasn't a problem for him to kill one or two Divine Lair women given his strength, but it was a rather different story if there were more than twenty of them.


Zen heard Emperor Charm's voice echo in his head.

Even without this reminder, Zen wasn't willing to continue his ascent.

As he descended, Zen noticed that the Sun Crows commanded by Emperor Charm remained in the air in their original positions. They even continued spitting out their blue flames.

The Divine Lair women who were hot at his tail were none the wiser and simply ignored these Corpse Spirit Sun Crows. They did not notice any abnormality whatsoever and continued to chase solely after Zen.

"Catch him!"

"Don't let him escape back to the Sky Net!"

"You think we'll let you go this time?" "We'll definitely catch you!"

These demon women that chased after Zen were all elites in the Divine Lair. Their individual strength could easily suppress an outstanding Oneness Sky Palace warrior.

There was really no need to send so many people after s

th manipulated all the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows to spit their blue flames towards Zen.

Facing the barrage of so many blue flames, even the mightiest warriors would choose to dodge.

All eyes were on Zen at that moment.

"Zen, run!"

"You've already stolen twenty Corpse Spirit Sun Crows! That's enough..."

"It's too early for you to fight against Elizabeth!"

"It should be easy for him to dodge while controlling his mount!"

Even the warriors of the Azure Mountain, the Bright Mountain, and the Ivory Mountain were paying close attention to him once they realized that he could determine the trend of this entire war.

The Sky Net had almost reached its limit and would not be able to withstand any more power. However, when the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows stopped releasing fire, it began to repair itself.

As he faced the oncoming flames, Zen suddenly had a bold idea. "How would you react if I took away all the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows?!"

He did not command his mount to carry him to safety. Instead, he made it rush headfirst into the flames.

In just a few moments, he, along with the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow, disappeared into the blue flames...

Everyone was stunned into silence.

Save for a small number of people who knew the truth about Zen, most people viewed his actions as suicide!

"What is he doing?!"

"Is he asking for death?!"

"He has no reason to do so!"

All the leaders of the seven mountains along with all the powerful warriors in the seven arrays could only look on in confusion.

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