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   Chapter 3640 Robber

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Zen originally made the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow under his feet fly close to the ground. But after grabbing the third one, he had risen to a higher altitude.

Sinclair and Jago controlled the other two.

While Jago had a rather low cultivation level, he was superior to Sinclair when it came to controlling the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow.

Upon Athemar's reminder, everyone on the Lofty Swords turned to the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

Pearce's pupils contracted until a triangular mirror appeared in their depths. Even if the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were over a hundred miles away, he could see every detail on them as clear as day.

His wrinkled face was dumbfounded at what he saw.

And he wasn't the only one stunned frozen.

Auden was struck with astonishment when he saw Zen flying atop the back of a Corpse Spirit Sun Crow as it spat out blue flames.

Meanwhile, Athemar, Goran, and the rest used their own methods to observe—some used their spiritual senses, while others used their eyesight, but all of them wore bewildered expressions.

The sight had them shocked, speechless, and confused.

"Those three men snatched away the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows?" Eventually, Pearce couldn't stop himself from asking.

"It seems so." Goran nodded.

"How is this possible? The Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were nurtured by Emperor Charm with great effort. How could he have the qualifications to attack the North Unicorn Province if they could be taken away so easily?" said one of the Oneness Governors, shaking his head.

Even if he had seen it with his own two eyes, he couldn't believe it.

If the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows could be snatched away so easily, Emperor Charm had no power to fight with the Oneness Sky Palace.

He must have set many restrictions on the powerful puppets.

Zen and Sinclair were merely Oneness Generals.

Even if Eastern Emperor Taiyi came in person, he could only crush the crows to dust—he wouldn't have been able to snatch them away.

"Who took the three crows? Was it Sinclair?" asked another Oneness Governor.

Among the Oneness Generals, Sinclair was considered a vet

st lost all the demon women because of him.

In their third encounter on the Other Shore, her loss was even more miserable—she had to give up Stage Fourteen to Zen.

This time, he even managed to snatch the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

Now, Zen's innocent face terrified Elizabeth. His calm demeanor was more like the calm before a storm—it was like a nightmare to Elizabeth as she felt all her power shrink to nothing. The man who was supposed to be not worth even mentioning could crush her to death effortlessly.

"Master Elizabeth!"

"Master Elizabeth, how did a human snatch the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow?"

"He's approaching with one!"

Many of the demon women riding the crows had also noticed Zen's arrival.

"All of you, go catch him!" Elizabeth ordered urgently, gritting her teeth.

If it was anyone else, she would've killed him immediately.

But Zen was important—he had to be caught alive.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The demon women then dashed downward.

In the distance, Athemar, Pearce, and the rest closely watched the front.

Seeing the demon women descend one after another, Athemar couldn't help but say, "It's too dangerous. What does Zen want to do?"

"Should we do something?" Goran asked.

But Pearce reached out his hand to stop him.

Although he was also worried, he had the instinct to take the risks. "Hold on! He must be rushing up like this for a reason!"

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