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   Chapter 3639 My Words Carry No Weight

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It was the leader of the Golden Mountain.

When the sword radiance missed completely, the look on the leader's face did not flinch or change a bit.

Instead, he raised his golden sword horizontally, and the roaring noises of dragons and tigers echoed from the blade of the sword.

With his other hand, he pinched the sword and suddenly slashed out the golden sword. There were flames of fury behind his eyes.

Swish! Swish!

Just then, the huge sword radiance roared away once again.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the other six mountains waited patiently for orders from the Oneness Mountain. They made sure to never leave the arrays that they were guarding.

Though the attack was powerful, it remained a challenge to hurt Elizabeth or any of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

After the leader of the Golden Mountain finally made his move, a violent wind rushed out from the other side. Apparently, countless swords were hidden in the wind, and this same wind swept away taking the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows and Elizabeth with it.


The Azure Mountain's leader declared.

Crack! Crack!

The forceful gusts of wind released bolts of lightning that exploded in all directions.

Elizabeth sat firmly and calmly on the back of a Corpse Spirit Sun Crow. The corners of her mouth lifted up into a smile. "It seems that these old men don't even dare to come out. Are they just going to test it like this?"

As soon as she finished speaking, snake-shaped sword shadows began to approach her.

These shadows created gray marks in the air, and multiplied dramatically over time. This was the move from the Bright Mountain, and it could cross spaces in order to hit its targets.

Because Elizabeth relied on a spatial magic treasure, she and the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows could easily avoid the attacks aimed at them. The leader of the Bright Mountain only hoped that the snake-shaped sword shadows would be able to hit her.

However, though the shadows continued to spread out, they could not get to Elizabeth.


Right before Elizabeth, an intense purple light shot up from the ground and pierced the sky. Afterwards, it descended and landed right above her head. It was a very long purple sword!


When the purple sword landed, it did not cause any pain to Elizabeth. Rather, it brought out a purple glow that

Taiyi led the battle, no mountain could disobey him.

There would be no reason for them to refuse to spearhead the attack.

Although Pearce and Auden were the elders of the Oneness Sky Palace, they were no match for Eastern Emperor Taiyi. The mountain leaders would not be driven by Pearce, who was weaker and less important than them.

"Elder Pearce, I'll go up with Goran!" Athemar volunteered enthusiastically.

Goran also cupped his hands in agreement, his eyes flashing with a fierce determination to get it done.

"I'm afraid you two are not enough," Pearce said. "If you go up like this, you'd die," Pearce said, shaking his head.

"Then I'm in!" said Master Hai, who hadn't spoken a word the whole time.

"I've lived long enough. Count me in," Auden added, smiling.

"And me..."

"Elder Pearce, me..."

Seeing all the willingness of them, Pearce couldn't help but smile. "Among the seven arrays guarded by seven mountains, the Oneness Array is the most important," he announced. "If you all go up, that would leave me to preside over this array alone."

Everyone grew silent, and Goran gritted his teeth hearing this.

The Sun Crows' orderly advance really placed the Oneness Sky Palace in a dilemma that left them close to hopeless.

Suddenly, Athemar looked into the distance and spotted something odd. "Look, what's that?"

Oddly enough, more than 100 Corpse Spirit Sun Crows soared gracefully in the air, but there seemed to be three Corpse Spirit Sun Crows circling below them. These three crows spewed out blue flames at their own members!

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