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   Chapter 3638 Grabbing

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Jago had been staring at Zen with his eyes wide open for a few seconds. After a while, he was jolted back to his senses by his desire to live.

As soon as he had lifted himself off the ground, he bolted straight towards the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow and jumped on its back.

"Flag Master, forgive my ignorance. But why are you able to command the Sun Crow?" Jago looked thoroughly awestruck as he asked Zen.

It went without saying that he knew how terrifying a Corpse Spirit Sun Crow was. It seemed incredulous that Zen was able to control it.

The Corpse Spirit Sun Crows were enormous. Moreover, they were aggressively assaulting the Sky Net above. The warriors of the Other Shore Realm as well as the Oneness Guards were not even qualified to be the opponents of these magnificent and powerful Corpse Spirit Sun Crows.

Zen remained standing straight on the back of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow. He was controlling it to spew out blue flames constantly. As he heard Jago's question, he seemed amused. "You can do the same," he replied calmly.

"What? That can't be right!"

Jago was utterly bewildered at Zen's answer. Meanwhile, the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow flapped its massive wings splendidly and swiftly soared forward.

Most of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows had already gathered above. They charged fearlessly towards the Sky Net as commanded by Elizabeth. There were only a few Corpse Spirit Sun Crows left to deal with the Oneness Generals inside the Mountain Sea Pass.

"Wow! That looks terrifying," Jago exclaimed as he observed their movements.

All of a sudden, a stream of blue flame hurtled down from the sky. It narrowly missed Sinclair as he rolled on the ground to dodge it. However, the heat of the flames had singed his hair.

He had the protection of the Chaotic Source Spirits to thank. Without it, his body would have been badly burned by that attack.

As he was dodging the flames from above and on the ground, Sinclair brandished his long sword and slashed three times towards the direction of the sky.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

"Three Consecutive Punishment Slashes!" Sinclair shouted at the top of his lungs.

Three rays of sword radiance broke through the air. They dragged the traces of countless space cracks and slashed at the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow above.

Surprisingly, the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow didn't dodge his attack at all. It seemed like it wasn't taking Sinclair's three slashes seriously.

"Puff! Puff! Puff!"

The theurgy of swordsmanship that Sinclair cultivated was an extremely offensive technique. However, the sword radiance didn't even damage the feather of the Corpse Spirit Sun Crow as his attack landed.

"Unbelievable. These Corpse Spirit Sun Crows really are too strong. I can't stand against them..."

As Sinclair admitted this, a look of complete disappointment registered on his face

When he was guarding the Mountain Sea Pass, he was very much aware of the fact that he would have to fight to the death.

There were so many of his companions that had met their demise in

er of the Sky Net Array should not be underestimated. It was highly regarded as one of the most powerful skills of the Oneness Sky Palace. No matter how wildly the blue flame burned, the Sky Net remained unmoved and unharmed.

The blue light of the flames shone on Elizabeth's face. Her beautiful eyes were full of confident calmness.

She believed that no matter how tough the Sky Net was, it would eventually collapse. If they continued to burn it like this, it would only be a matter of time before they broke through it.

Once the Sky Net Array was broken, the Sun Crow race would charge forward. Then, they would launch an all-out attack.

Elizabeth thought that as long as she attacked the Sky Net, all the powerful warriors in the seven mountains would be drawn out.

She had commanded the Corpse Spirit Sun Crows to burn the Sky Net for quite a while now. However, the strong warriors in the seven mountains still did not take any action. It was only the Oneness Guards and the Oneness Generals stationed in the twelve passes that rushed out of the Sky Net and fought with the Sun Crows.

After the blue flames had continued burning the Sky Net for five minutes, streaks of sword light shot into the sky from behind it.

"Well, well. So you finally lose your cool?" Elizabeth's mouth curled into a taunting smile.

"Impressive!" she remarked as she observed the streaks of sword light.

A hundred thousand feet long ray of sword radiance unfolded from afar. It seemed to be able to cut the sky in halves as it passed through the Sky Net without resistance. Moreover, it accurately slashed toward Elizabeth's direction.

Elizabeth remained sitting upright on the back of a Corpse Spirit Sun Crow. It was as though she was merely sitting on a small boat that was moving with the tide. She gently swayed to the side to avoid the sword radiance.

Just like Elizabeth, the other Corpse Spirit Sun Crows hovering in front of her easily avoided the sword radiance. It seemed like they were not in the same space at all.

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