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   Chapter 3547 Punishment

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Cold sweats trickled down the foreheads of Miller and Mercer in response to their growing anxiety after they heard Zen's words.

Zen would have to pay the consequences with his life if he were to present the Royal Monkey race with the dead Dark Nether Bug.

Giving in to his worries, Mercer nudged lightly at Zen's shoulder and spoke in a hurried voice, "Friend, what they want is a living Dark Nether Bug, not a dead one."

Zen smiled faintly and whispered back to him, "Don't worry. I am talking about the living Dark Nether Bug."

"Do you have a living Dark Nether Bug?" Mercer's eyes widened as he took a step back. His gaze fell on Elvinia who smirked and gave her space ring a confident tap. Soon, a Dark Nether Bug the size of half a mortal fell from it and planted itself on the ground.

Where on earth did she get ahold of the Dark Nether Bug?

Mercer and Miller stood with their heads tilted to the side as they displayed conflicted expressions of shock and confusion.

As far as they remembered, the three Dark Nether Bugs that were the size of an adult were killed.

Moreover, they remembered that both Zen and Elvinia had no idea of what the Dark Nether Bug was. Then how were they able to catch one?

There was something else that made them suspicious about the whole scenario.

As they studied the Dark Nether Bug before them, they realized it was not drugged to remain as calm as it was. Normally, this would contradict with its usual irritable nature. Why was it displaying its utmost obedience now?

"Don't ask any questions. Just hand it over," Zen whispered in a low tone that was only audible to them.

Despite their doubt reigning over their existence, Mercer and Miller obediently placed the Dark Nether Bug on the iron plate. Then they crawled out from the foot of the col and sent it on its way to the Royal Monkeys.

Since Zen and Elvinia kept their appearances disguised, the Royal Monkeys were oblivious of their presence.

With a quick scan, the head of the Royal Monkeys studied the Dark Nether Bug and pouted in disappointment. A Royal Monkey stationed beside him received the Dark Nether Bug with careful hands. With a cold snort, the head turned around and left with his subordinates.

Demanding a second Dark Nether Bug was supposed to be an excuse for the Royal Monkey race to obliterate the Insect Master race. However, they never expected the Insect Master race to possess one. Since they couldn't ask for a third one, they had no other option but to retreat.

After the Royal Monkey had led his team for a certain distance, he suddenly looked around and shouted, "Zimba! Linus! Respond to my call!"

"I'm right here!"

"I'm here!"

After hearing his command, two tall black monkeys riding on horseback appeared from both sides, each burly and strong in appearance.

"Those Insect Masters have caught two Dark Nether Bugs, but they intended to hide one from us. It is unforgivable. As a form of punishment, I want you to dispose of half of them!" the Royal Monkey snarled in a cold voice devoid of all emotions.

"Your wish

he would have other methods up his sleeve to persuade the Royal Monkeys to leave once more. Although deep down, they had a feeling it was just their wishful thinking.

As if annoyed by the obvious question, Zen let out an exasperated sigh and spoke indifferently, "If you had left with the other Royal Monkeys, you would have lived long enough to see the next day. It's a pity you chose to return only to seek your own death. Don't blame me for that."

The Dark Nether Bug Zen had offered to them wasn't the real deal. In fact, it was the Shape-shifting Spirit.

Back in the iron house, Zen had picked up the black box and allowed the Shape-shifting Spirit into it. Initially, he had planned to release it in the Dark Region.

But now, Zen was growing impatient in pursuit of getting his sister back, so he was left with no other choice.

Since the Royal Monkey race had demanded a second Dark Nether Bug, Zen materialized the Shape-shifting Spirit into a Dark Nether Bug to act as a replacement.

In the beginning, the Shape-shifting Spirit was hesitant in going by the plan, but it didn't have the strength to oppose Zen and thus caved under pressure. At the same time, as a preventive measure, Zen asked Elvinia to leave a soul mark on its body so they could later track its location and retrieve it.

But like the Insect Master race, he didn't expect the Royal Monkeys to return so soon.

When Zimba, Linus, and the other Royal Monkeys heard Zen's threat, their faces revealed a hint of mockery as they struggled to suppress their laughter.

Only a few creatures dared to speak to them in this tone in the Dark Region of Stage Fourteen. They wouldn't have believed it had they not heard it with their own ears.

"What did you say? Seek our own death? Foolish human! It's you who's courting your own death!" With a fit of mocking laughter, a conniving smile stretched across Linus' face as he jumped up using his powerful legs as a boost with the long stick in his hand.

The long stick circled in midair and hacked down towards Zen's head.

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