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   Chapter 3546 Royal Monkeys

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Since Zen found the clues regarding the black monkeys, he did everything he could to not let the opportunity slip through his fingers. Immediately, he proposed on accompanying the two green-skinned creatures.

Unaware of the ongoing feud between Zen and the black monkeys, the two creatures happily agreed to his offer with gratitude.

Because the creatures were familiar with the area, not a single dangerous encounter occurred throughout the journey with them leading the group. Zen even managed to learn more about the Insect Master race through them.

The Insect Master race was a low-level race in the Dark Region. They lived by catching, raising, and taming insects.

The two green-skinned creatures were insect catchers. Once they brought them back, they'd forward them to experts known as "insect raisers" that would be responsible for rearing them.

After a certain period, they would then be relayed to the expert insect tamers.

The insects that had previously attacked Zen and Elvinia were the ones that the Insect Masters had tamed.

Mercer, the smaller green-skinned creature, and Miller, the taller one of the two, were brothers. They were elated knowing that they successfully and safely captured a Dark Nether Bug. Once they brought it back for their entire race to see, they'd be welcomed and hailed as heroes by the whole Insect Master race.

After they advanced along the black mountain range for two hours, there was a huge crater in front of them. And in the crater, there were some messy steps.

As they descended to the base of the rickety-looking staircase, they were met with densely-packed caves that flanked them on both sides.

Numerous green-skinned creatures slipped in and out of the caves alongside numerous insects.

These insects came in various, strange shapes and had vicious looks plastered on all their faces. Despite that, they were all obedient in this col.

Once Miller and Mercer made their entrance, they lifted the bag they brought with pride and shouted in unison, "We've captured a Dark Nether Bug! We've caught one!"

Instantly, all the green-skinned creatures dropped what they were doing and looked towards the duo's direction.

The col had been enveloped in a deep depression.

The Royal Monkey race was looming over everyone's heads like a guillotine ready to slaughter anyone who disobeyed. Over the past few days, the insect catchers failed to capture a Dark Nether Bug. If they still didn't catch one tomorrow, they would have nothing worthy to offer the R

ugh. How come this time we have to hand in two?"

"But we only caught one Dark Nether Bug!"

The green-skinned creatures' faces turned pale. It was useless trying to reason with these monkeys. Already, they were imagining in their minds the consequences that they would bestow on their race.

"This time is different. Our stage ruler is ravenous. What? Can't you offer another one?" A hint of coldness could be felt in the Royal Monkey's voice now.

The Royal Monkeys thought that these green-skinned creatures were useless now. Why keep them alive when they could easily reproduce hundreds or thousands more incompetent beings into this world?

If they couldn't hand in one more Dark Nether Bug, then that would give enough reason for them to kill these creatures off.

An eerie silence fell over the green-skinned creatures, fearing that a single sound uttered would just enrage the Royal Monkey even further. No one dared to answer his question.

Miller and Mercer also looked anxious. There were three Dark Nether Bugs in Elvinia's hands, but the stage ruler only ate living Dark Nether Bugs and would not touch any dead ones.

If only they'd known this would happen, they would've stopped Elvinia from killing all of them. Oh how they wished to turn the tables right then and there!

Neither of them knew that even if they had two in their hands, the Royal Monkeys would still require them to offer a third one. As the old saying went, "He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick."

Just as all of the green-skinned creatures were about to give up, Zen's voice floated up from the bottom of the col. "I have what you want—another Dark Nether Bug."

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