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   Chapter 3545 The Food For Purified Beings

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The green-skinned men were the weakest creatures in the Dark Region. They had little understanding of how harmful the light rays were.

As expected, light rays could erode their bodies easily.

On the other hand, while the Dark Nether Bugs were very powerful creatures in the Dark Region, they were not very intelligent. The green-skinned men would lure the Dark Nether Bugs with candlelight and then capture them with overpowering drugs.

Otherwise, they couldn't even face the Dark Nether Bugs head on. They would have to retreat.

But Elvinia had cut down three powerful Dark Nether Bugs in an instant! The two green-skinned men were astonished.

Elvinia stepped into the range of the candlelight without hesitation after killing the Dark Nether Bugs.

"Be careful! The candlelight!"

"The light will erode you!"

the two green-skinned men called out to Elvinia urgently.

They had earlier wanted to run away, afraid they might get killed by the Dark Nether Bugs. But there was no need to retreat now that the threat had been extinguished. Now, they wanted to stay to get on Zen and Elvinia's good graces.

The green-skinned men had never seen creatures from the Light Region before. For them, everything from the Light Region was incomprehensible and untouchable.

Both Elvinia and Zen were from the Light Region, so of course light did not harm them.

The green-skinned men realized this as Elvinia stepped into the light.


"She is unfazed by the candlelight! Has she eaten the Light Fruit?"

They stared wide-eyed, marveling at Elvinia.

Except for the Dark Nether Bugs, they knew no other creature who could remain unscathed by the candlelight. Even the ground itself would be corroded if the light shone long enough. But here came this woman, stepping into the light like it was nothing!

Elvinia's eyes were fixed at the dead bodies of the Dark Nether Bugs as she stepped into the illuminated area.

The strong smell of blood filled her nose. The temptation grew even more irresistible. She strode toward one of the bodies, buried her hand into

in your space ring first. Once we confirm they are safe to consume, I would let you."

If the stage ruler constantly needed to consume the Dark Nether Bugs, it probably meant they were good for purified beings. But they had to be sure. Once they verified this, Zen himself would recommend Elvinia consume them.

It took Elvinia a great deal of effort to suppress her instincts. She activated the space ring and waved it lightly over the bodies, which were immediately absorbed.

The green-skinned men had never seen a space ring before. They were once again dumbfounded when the carcasses disappeared.

Once the bodies were stored away, the smell of blood also gradually disappeared. Before long, Elvinia felt a little better, the impulse having subsided.

Zen stared steadily at the green-skinned men. "Do you bring the captured Dark Nether Bug to the Royal Monkey race yourselves?"

"No," one of the green-skinned men answered, shaking his head. "We're not allowed to enter their territory."

"The Royal Monkeys will come pick up the Dark Nether Bug tomorrow. That's why our Insect Master race has deployed hundreds of insect catchers. We will be in great trouble if we can't deliver," the other green-skinned man continued.

For the Royal Monkeys, the Insect Master race's lives had no value at all. All they were good for, they thought, was catching the Dark Nether Bugs.

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